2013 Battle With Fibroids


  1. Pam

    I’m having a hysterectomy on Aug 19 due to fibroids. I came across this blog after searching for tips after surgery. I laughed, I cried, I felt relieved to have found this. I’m crossing my fingers that my recovery is as easy as yours seemed to be. Thank you for the blog.

    1. kronda

      Pam, I’m happy you found some comfort in my little virtual breadcrumb trail. Best of luck with your surgery and your recovery!

  2. Christina

    Hi! On January 12th I had a TLH, kept both ovaries. Your blog made me laugh & I felt like someone else understood the floodgates of blood & painthat I too was experiencing! THANK YOU for making me feel like I’m not alone!

    Hope you are doing awesome!


  3. I had a lap hysterectomy procedure almost a year ago, and I did read your blogposts beforehand. Thanks for writing them.


  4. Tammy

    I just came across your post. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful i am you blogged your journey. A little bit about myself. I was diagnosed with fibroids and I am 43. I could totally relate to your being tired, mood swings, and the opening of the floodgate. As that’s exactly what I experience right now. After bleeding for eight weeks straight, two internal ultrasounds my gp finally decided to refer me to a women’s clinic. Finally!
    Women’s clinic want to put me on meds and insert an iud, which honestly is not what I want. I’m 43 and just want my insides yanked out already. Honestly tired of being tired, being in pain, and not being able to venture far from home.
    I can totally relate to your story. I wish more women would speak about fibroids and the toll it actually takes on your day to day life.
    Thank you so very much!

    1. kronda

      Tammy, welcome and glad you found me. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I hope you convince them to give you some relief!

  5. Mblaze

    I am 55 and had a full
    Laparoscopic hysterectomy a week ago. I was tired of having long periods and fibroid pains, i also hd some endometriosis again, so instead of trying other options i chose to take it all and be done with it already. The pain was not any worse than some periods ive had lately, only the pain lasted a few more days and at the most got to a 4 out of 10 on the pin scale. Although, i have listened to the doctor and my nurse/husband and obeyed the orders with rest, meds and some light walking.
    I have been pleasantly
    surprised how good i feel.
    Today we as my first venture out, went to the store and had pizza ? when i got home i was more achey than the entire week, but i did not have any pain meds today just 1 800mg ibuprohin, so tonight i took the pain med, added a heat pad and am on my way to lala land. Tomorrow is my 1 week follow up so hopefully all goes well.
    I am accustomed to the hot flashes so i had started w estrogen over a year ago hopefully that will be enough and eventually less.
    So far so good!
    Anyone contimplating , i would say do not worry about the pain because it is nothing like what they did to women years ago, so weigh your helth options and gonfrom there.
    Good luck


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