Turns Out, I’m Not the High Maintenance One

It only took 48 hours to stop taking oxycodone for pain after my surgery. I had my last one yesterday morning and got through the rest of the day with just Ibuprofen and Tylenol, despite moving around more than the day before. I contemplated an oxy before bed but decided to see how I did without it and I ended up sleeping pretty well.I’ve been doing great, getting up and around on my own, getting into and out of bed. In short, for a post-surgical patient, I’m pretty low maintenance.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the cat.

Oz, our little orange menace, has been taking up hours of Jess’s time with his nighttime antics. The first night, he got up onto a shelf above the microwave that we *thought* was safe, and proceeded to take down and eat a piece of rum cake that a friend had brought for Jess.

She came downstairs to a mess of plastic wrap and crumbs all over the kitchen floor.

And this morning, she found water, broken glass and flowers–he had knocked over the vase of lovely flowers Jess had brought to me in the hospital. The water soaked one of the dining room chairs and ran underneath the pull out section of the table. It was just luck, that neither of our laptops got wet.

It took her an extra hour to clean up the mess.

One cat available, free.

Oz on the bedroom shelf
He turns calories into mischief.



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  1. I’m laying here in the hospital, it’s 3:20 a.m., and I wanted to say thanks for writing about your fibroids and hysterectomy…
    The tips will be used ASAP when I get home.


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