1. ugh!

    i’ve been battling some bad kitty behavior at home since spring and ended up buying mattress covers from IKEA for the couches. cheap, vinyl lined, twin covers go over the cushions and then I throw some stylish sheets over those. makes it easy to keep couches clean (as i try and rotate covers out weekly to keep cat hair and dander down), even when (as it still happens when i leave for a few days or more even if the boxes are are clean) one decides to pee or leave a poop present. it doesn’t excuse the behavior or make me feel like a great pet parent, but it does mean that i no longer have to deep clean or replace cushions when someone decides they want to leave me a message.

    ps. your blog launched my girlfriend and i into some awesome conversations last night. you (or your alien baby) have a way of sharing the right stories to provoke further thought, introspection and empathy.

    1. kronda

      I look forward to hearing more about that at our next lunch date. 🙂 I hope I can still blog without the baby…


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