Me drawn in caricature on a flying horse
What, you never saw a girl on a flying horse?

I’m a WordPress consultant and developer from Portland, OR. When I’m not making websites, and my flying horse is tired, you’ll probably find me on one of my five bicycles, reading a book, or trapped under a cat.

More Fascinating Details:

Yes, I really grew up in Portland. No I don’t hate Californians. Some of my best relatives (including my mom), are from California.

My work experience ranges from lots of retail and service positions, program management and project management. My journey to becoming a web developer started five years ago, when I had a meeting with a web developer for a project and left the meeting thinking, that seems like cool job.

I took myself off to Portland Community College and transferred to The Art Institute of Portland (with a hefty assist from the Ford Family Foundation), and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media in the fall of 2011.

I currently develop projects primarily in WordPress (like the site you are reading). I am primarily a front-end developer, but also dabble in the realms of PHP, MySQL, Ruby and general Unix command line nerdery.

Outside of work, I like to spend my time going on bike adventures such as Mountain Bike Oregon and Cycle Oregon, writing, and enjoying the fabulous city of Portland. I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer and hope to do a lot more traveling in the future.

About My Blog

This space serves as my digital home for all things ‘me’ and as such may contain articles on topics ranging from technical topics to photo essays of my cats. I’ve never been a big fan of compartmentalizing. If you just can’t handle the diversity, feel free to use the categories to personalize your experience.

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