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Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

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You may have noticed a slight hitch in the the blog stream the past few days. I had grand plans for catching up, but I made the amazing discovery that actually getting enough sleep makes me feel somewhat sane. Also, I didn’t want this to turn out to be sort of true:

But, it beez that way sometimes.

I spent this evening waiting for a call from my doctor, who is scheduled to perform my surgical procedure tomorrow to remove my stubbornly embedded IUD. I have the choice of either getting a new IUD (hopefully correctly placed this time) or an ablation. She’s out of the office today, but said she would ‘try to remember to call.’ at our last appointment. When I called the office this afternoon, the surgery scheduler said that yes, she had emailed Dr S. several times with all my questions and she was under the impression that I would get a call in the evening. So I waited.

No call.

So now I have a bunch of unanswered questions and a check in time of 10:30am. I had asked the scheduling assistant if there would be any problem with canceling tomorrow’s procedure if, after talking to the doctor I decided to stick with plan A and postpone everything until my major surgery in two weeks. She said no, that would be fine. But I can’t exactly cancel since the doctor never called.

It’s super annoying.

Of course, I’ve been reading about other women’s experiences with ablation on the Internet which is about as comforting as you might think (i.e. NOT AT ALL). Even though I haven’t had much luck with my first IUD, I tend to lean towards the least permanent solution. But again, so many unanswered questions. Since I’m lacking information, I’ll probably just go ahead and have her dig out the currently stuck device and leave well enough alone until my alien baby is officially locked in a jar somewhere.

In the meantime, I’m dealing with my stress in the time honored American way–home made chocolate chip cookie dough in Tillamook French vanilla ice cream.

It’s a great last meal before my midnight deadline to stop all food and drink.

On the bright side, I’ll have plenty of time on Wednesday to catch up on blog posts while I’m still too impaired from anesthesia to do things requiring more brain power.

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