1. sharen

    Your uterus. ..did not come out of the holes!!!!! It was pulled from your vagina. !!!@@@

      1. Renee

        I just gas the same surgery dobe this past Friday , also with the 5 incisions. Everything removed except ovaries. Unfortunately I have not been as lucky as you were as my pain is terrible!! My hemoglobin went to 7 so I had to have a blood transfusion and was released after 2 days on hospital. I am taking Percocet every 4 hours like clockwork to try to control the pain to a level of 5 out of 10. I was so happy to see your blog and to be able to read about someone else’s experience close to mine. Hopefully my pain gets a little better by weeks end. My post op visit is scheduled for one week from today. Thanks again

        1. Tasha

          I had my surgery on Friday and to is Wednesday I’m still feeling a little weak plus I’m having minor pains.I received three incisions and they hurt a little but I think that my recovery is coming along nicely.

          1. Wakima

            I have my surgery on Friday also. Today I started to have sharp pains and stomach is a little blotted.

        2. Brenda

          I recently had the same surgery ( 8 days ago ). I must say, I am doing VERY well. I can’t believe how little pain I’ve had post op. My two week checkup is in a few days and I’m prepared to ask my surgeon if she really did the complete surgery! Lol
          In five days I was able to drive myself shirt distances. My only difficult had been with the constipation. That had gotten better and I’m now going like I should . So far, no regrets doing the surgery.

          1. Kay Edwards

            I’m having surgery in four weeks and I admit I am having anxiety over it. At 40, I don’t mind having it out but I get anxious thinking about the post op period; the pain, missing work, not being able to have sex ( yes, I worry about that too) and generally how well will I recover. I am just overall anxious and I have no clue how to calm it down.

          2. kronda

            Hi Kay. How did it go?

          3. Kerrie Short

            I have endometrial cancer and having a total hysterectomy. I’m terrified because years ago I had a substance abuse issues. Sober for years. I was told by the oncologist that I will only get to have Motrin post op..I’m terrified. I don’t want pain meds to go home with. Not do I take anything for the pain I’ve had for a year. Does this sound normal to not have pain control while in hospital

      2. Ann Mummert

        I saw the dr. This a.m. and she said there are 2 procedures. She suggested the vaginal surgery. She said that it should be about 70 -75% chance of taking care of this and everything would come out through the vaginal area ,recovery 2-4 weeks. This has been really helpful thanks

        1. Stella Norise

          I had the surgery 1week ago today. Got The five bandages one fell off already appears to be well. My most complaint is the gas I stopped taking the narcotics three days ago no pain pills at this time I’m eating les going from pillar to post to sleep nevertheless the pain has not been as bad as it has been said to be. My surgery was five hours something happened that they had to do something else while in there I’ll get the report on January 13. I am 73 years old I want to drive to the stor and bank but my daughter is a 24 hour guard on duty. Smile. Today I feel ok, I do a lot of crying tho. Be blessed!!

      3. Christina wysocki

        Lol. There is a laproscopic process that also involves vaginal removal of the uterus. But they are distinct from one another.

        Ppl are super funny sometimes.

        Good blog. Entertaining.

        1. Charo

          Yes , I just had the surgery one week tommorow it was laproscopic and I had three incisions and they went through belly button and yes the body parts were removed them through my vagina. I am feeling week and hot and anxious still but I know GOD will bring me through . Thank GOD for a wonderful OBGYN and a Surgeon.

          1. Katie

            Hi I have my surgery this wensday. A full hysterectomy. I have uterine cancer. I I joy reading your story’s

          2. kronda

            Hi Katie,

            I’m so sorry about your cancer. Best wishes for a full recovery!

          3. LaDonna

            I had mine done laproscopic August 31, 2016. Today, Monday, September 5 is the first time I have been out. Slow moving, but it felt good. My abdomen area is still feeling funky, but other than that, I am doing ok. I have anxiety so the day of surgery was a lil crazy. My boyfriend is an EMT and he has been amazing!

      4. Robin

        I just learned I have a HUGE tumor in my uterus and have the same procedure scheduled in a few months. My surgeon explained the process to me pretty well. I was told the same as Kronda. They will cut pieces of the tumor and uterus and remove in pieces thru the small incisions, just as they removed a tumor and an ovary with DNC in 2006. They do not take it out thru the vagina. They merely hold steady or brace your uterus threw the vagina. I had a very quick recovery time in 2006, and if I had known I would be done having kids then, I would have done this surgery sooner. I will follow some of your tips for this next surgery! Thanks so much for sharing your story Kronda!

        1. Michele

          It depends on if they believe it’s cancer how they remove it. If they believe it has cancer cells they do not want to remove from your vagina, potentially spreading cells.

          1. Sphiwe Ngobese

            After your recovery, did you experience any issues concerning sex with your partner?

      5. Tabitha

        Since you did not remove your ovaries and do not have periods, do you have any hormone issues like excessive hair growth (more testosterone)? I need to have this done but I have been putting it off for years because I’m scared the hair growth will be uncontrollable. Do you take hormone replacement pills?

        1. kronda

          Hey Tabitha,

          No, since I still have my ovaries, I don’t have any hormone issues. I just have to guess when I’m ‘PMSing’ (crabby, hungry) because there’s no physical marker. Other than that, I’m all good. I don’t take any pills (that’s the point of keeping your ovaries) and I don’t have anymore hair than I used to. Hope that helps!

          1. Melanie

            I was told that if you keep the ovaries in,you can still bleed. There is a big site when you google, ” still have periods without uterus but have ovaries ” these women still bleed!!

          2. If you keep your ovaries you have a chance of getting ovarian cancer my nana got very painful and very deadly what outways what never can tell

          3. Heather

            With keeping your ovaries where you emotional at all after

          4. kronda

            Yup. Still have moody periods during the month, just no way to track them now. Small price to pay for not bleeding all over everything.

          5. Cynthia

            Hello Kronda, I just had a partial hysterectomy on February 20th. Everything was going well until I decided to drive a week later. We have speed bumps where I live and I also stay upstairs in an apartment complex. Long story short, I started having a lot of pain in the lower abdomen area and the doctor told me that there was a lot of swelling where the uterus used to be. He also told me that an abceses was forming, but they caught it time by giving me antibiotics through an IV. I’m normally heal pretty quickly, but I’m still not feeling my best. Do you think that climbing up and down the stairs is making me feel worse? Thank you.

          6. J

            Just read your blog and thank you. I felt a bit abnormal for feeling so normal. Lol. I go for my 2 wk post OP tomorrow. My stomach still feels hinky and its ups and downs but I stopped meds after day 3. How long before your incisions were healed and sans glue or strips over it? Did you experience vaginal dryness afterwards? Only thing that has been troublesome for me are headaches, which have died down a bit but when I would sit they would be bad and lying down sometimes was just as bad. From what I have read this is due to spinal anesthesia. Anyhoo, this was great to read even though you have had this years ago at this point.

      6. Angela

        I am having a larascopy hysterectomy on Sept 29, 2016. The doctor is going to look at my ovaries and determine if they should be removed. I have really bad endometriosis and I’m done having kids. I’m so nervous. Reading your blog helps. I just hope the recovery process is quick. I have 4 boys 5 years old and under. The doctor is keeping me overnight and it’s close to the weekend so I will have the weekend to get help. But come Monday I’m on my own. Hoping I can keep my ovaries due to my mom getting breast cancer from the estrogen medication she took after her surgery. I’m a nervous wreck and it’s not for another week.

        1. kronda

          Angela, good luck with your surgery. Is there anyone who has a flexible or schedule or maybe is retired that you can have come help out on Monday?

        2. Diane

          Hi there. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy on Sep 15, 2016. I had an endometriosis adenocarcinoma (a uterine cancer). I am 57 years old. I was so scared they would find that the cancer had spread once they “went in”. The surgery went great. The dr said the cancer was confined to my uterus and pending pathology results to confirm this, I may not need any further treatment! It is 5 days post surgery and I am feeling wonderful!, I am a heavy woman so was worried things wouldn’t go as planned. I am a little slow walking and have a tiny bit of pain near my lowest incision but other tan that feel about 98% normal. I feel like I can do everything but I have been warned that it is important to rest and take it easy. You don’t want to tear anything inside (internal sutures)!!! So I am sure yiur surgery will go great! I am thinking of you!! ?

          1. Cheryl Huda

            Thank God I read your post. I am a heavy 60 yr old woman with same cancer. I wish you would read tgis and tell me how you are.

          2. Helen miles

            Hi Cheryl just read your blog about hysterectomy l am 3 weeks into my recovery from the same surgery with the robot for the same cancer too in my womb it was refreshing to read your words on your recovery I feel pretty good just abit of constipation had my follow up appointment yesterday and the all clear its gone from a grade 3 to 1a so happy with my result I have an appointment in couple of weeks as to whether l want braka therapy to mop up any thing that may be left lurking about so I have opted to have that would be interesting to hear how you are now regards Helen..

          3. joan e budicak

            Thank u , I was just diagnosed with the same cancer. I am going to have the surgery in 2 weeks. Reading your post make me feel better. God Bless us all.


        3. DOTTIE DAGGS

          I just had Laproscopy hysterectomy of Oct. 11th. I was able to keep my ovaries. Just do exactly what the Dr. Tells you. I am a 62 year old RN. I have that mentality of I can do anything. Proved myself correct. Surgery on Tuesday home on Wednesday road trip with my husband on Thursday 5 hours. Rested on Friday. Another 3 hour road trip on Saturday. Doing great 8 days post surgery. Just take it easy and let me know. One thing I did do was take Miralax 3 days prior to surgery and daily still. Your stool will be 3 to 5 days after surgery. Finger size. Your bladder will need to be emptied often but it gets better. 6 weeks off work sucks though. Take care

          1. Sue

            Just wondering when I’m allowed back to work. I had laproscopic vaginal hysterectomy 2weeks ago I feel fabulous no pain relief for 4days now I’m vacuuming and doing housework Aldo walking half hour a day

          2. kronda

            Sue, that’s a question for your doctor.

      7. Shauna

        I will be having the procedure done in a few weeks and no its not coming out of the vagina. It’s coming out laparoscopic like yours. Im glad to see you’re doing so well. I pray mine goes as well as yours. God bless and thanks for all the good advice.

        1. Soo

          Hi, Shawna,
          I just had the same procedure as you and Kronda 10 days ago due to uterine cancer. Evrything went well and there was no other cancer found anywhere else. I have to say this blog is the most informative than any medical website I have read so far. And it is SO comforting to hear about other women’s experiences!
          I am 48, never been pregnant and with a history of cysts in ovaries which put me in a higher risk for uterine cancer. Luckily it was caught early enough so I am fine. I will have my post surgery followup appointment in a few days. I have already gotten a call that my pathology report is good news too.

    1. Kip Cowher

      Possibly Sharen, you should do some reading. My hyster is going to be laproscopically also. no vagina passage involved.

      1. Wanda

        YOU ARE Right !
        I’m on Day 4 of just having my laparascopic hysterectomy, and feeling wonderful
        The uterus and cervix is taken through a plastic tube through the vagina.
        Obviously some doctors don’t tell you this ! They cannot be taken out of your small incisions
        Therefore you as well do have to still be light and careful as you have stitches on the inside where the uterus and cervix was removed from your Vagina !!! Fact
        So I had my done 4 days ago, and feeling just fine
        Still taking it easy either way
        Thank you
        I’ve had Zero Pain !

        1. Wanda

          So hope this helps you all ! It is not bad at all
          I started taking a stool softener of course, but I’m only on my 4th day
          Good Luck too you All
          And hope for Speedy Recovery
          I feel like a whole New Person !
          I was stressed before surgery last Thursday, now I realize it was a simple “Easy Procedure”
          Good Luck to all having it Done

        2. kronda


          Every surgery is different. The procedure you had sounds like it was a partial laporoscopic one. It is indeed possible to have a completely laparoscopic hysterectomy, which is what I had done. You can check out the video posted above if you’re curious.

          Glad you’re doing well!

          1. Wanda

            Yes I had a total hysterectomy, everything removed but my Ovaries
            Even a tumor. Ty so much
            Feel great

          2. Avery

            There are different ways to remove the uterus. For a woman having her cervix removed, the uterus will most likely come out vaginally. For women keeping their cervix the uterus will come out of the incisions in the belly. Also, there are FDA warnings about dissecting the uterus inside of the abdominal cavity (which is necessary to remove it through small belly holes). This warning related to women who have masses or suspected fibroids as these can sometimes (1 in 250 times) be cancerous. Dissecting them in the body can lead to spreading the cancer. Discuss all of this with your surgeon.

        3. Dianne

          I am very happy to heard that surgery when we’ll am having minds on December 14 and I was scared now I fell better thanks.

      2. LaDonna

        My uterus and cervix was removed vaginally

    2. Liah

      I had my lapricopic hysterectomy on Monday 09/12/206 and Its Friday 09/16/2016.

      I feel great ! Very little pain just uncomfortable: I still have my ovaries.

      If I wouldve known how smooth It would go I’d done this yers ago(fibroids)

    3. teresa

      Yes it did. I had the same procedure and it was taken out in pieces through those tiny holes…. It can be removed vaginally but then there wouldn’t be 5 tiny holes in her abdomen….

      1. Maria

        I am having mine end of July. My fibroids are so big that I look 14 weeks pregnant. I never had kids so it is going to be holes in my tummy. A bit anxious but looking forward to get rid of this mess. Does the belly bloating go away after the procedure? Thanks

    4. TX. Roots

      Mine came out of the holes. I made a point of asking the surgeon. One tip: bring a pillow for the ride home! This was the worst part for me–25 miles of pain.

    5. Angela Ramsey

      Mine was pulled through the holes 😀 no va jay jay trauma at all

      1. Vivian

        I had my surgery 8 days ago. 3 holes and all was removed. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t so bad with pain and bleeding. Remained in the hospital overnight. I did well and then pushed myself and cooked breakfast and dinner and noise I’m bleeding and am tired. Should have rested some more, but I became impatient. This is a good blog to read as I try to relax. Thanks

    6. C. Vanderg

      Hello I am having surgery next week after Thanksgiving. My questions are: will I feel like eating? Should I stick to soft foods or soups? How long will it take for me to not feel sleepy after my surgery? Thanks it had been nice reading this so I don’t feel alone! Sunnyblu


    7. I also want to know how long to edit before having sex again, I have been reading many different wait times . I am having the complete laparoscopic hysterectomy and my organs will be coming thru my vagina. Thanks

    8. nicole

      Sometimes it is pulled out of the vagina. With large fibroids it is pulled out of one of the incisions and they mince the fibroid into bits so that it will come out. I just had this done. Only 4 holes. Yes, its true that there is a such thing as a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy but this is only one type.

    9. Tim

      I just had mine done 2 days ago, yes they pulled it all out through the vagina, then sewed up the openeing. I have 4 holes in my stomach. mine was robotic and I went home the next day. I am FTM.

    10. Yvette Fambro

      I had my surgery December 6th of 2019 and started back having sexthis week. Most recent was yesterday. My WHOLE stomach hurts. What do I do?

    11. Denise Jennings

      I had surgery on the 12 post op appointment is tomorrow and it’s a pain in my right side. It hurts so bad what could it be

  2. Debbie

    Thank you so much for your posts. I have this surgery tomorrow and I wanted to know what it was really like. I’ll get my warm blanket ready!! Bless you.

  3. Kip Cowher

    So happy to see how well you’ve recovered !
    I’m scheduled for July 21, I have adenomyosis. I can’t wait to feel better

    1. Ellen

      Just had the laparoscopic hysterectomy 1 week ago and have ended up with a catheter in for 5 days for urinary retention. I can not wait to get the. Darn thing out! I also had extensive adenomyosis and my uterus was enlarged to 3x it’s size. Looking forward to feeling better and having a life without all the bleeding.

    2. Spokidee

      How did the surgery go?
      How did you heal?
      I had Adenomyosis as well and had a TAH laproscopic. Complications after. Developed rectovaginal fistula. Option- colostomy.

      1. Winda

        HI! My surgery went very well! The only downside was that I became very nauseated after the surgery and the pills weren’t helping at all. I finally got a shot of Finnegrin (sp) which made me feel like a million bucks. The next morning, in the hospital, I was up, walking around and drinking lots of water which allowed me to have my catheter removed quickly.

        I took two weeks off from work (should have taken 3) which made it a little hard returuning because my incisions were very sore and the standing and sitting and clothing (business attire) was painful however, I made it through.

        Today makes the 7 week mark and I feel wonderful. Back in the gym and enjoying no periods!

        I will say, drink plenty of water. I was downing about a gallon and a half per day. Eat well and walk around to get the blood flowing. My doctor told me I healed super fast as a result.

    3. Joanna

      How are you now? I have adnomyosis too and am scheduled next month

    4. Dennie Mills

      I had this also, you will feel like a new person by day 3 post surgery. I didn’t realize how bad I had felt every day for 2 years. I kept my ovaries thank the Lord and I am still tired but in no pain and I don’t look 6 months pregnant anymore even with the swelling from the procedure. Take stool softener twice daily and don’t lift a finger. I am mending Mickey and so glad I had this done.

      1. Michelle

        I’m day 5 post op davinci robotic hysterectomy (fibroids) 1 ovary was left. I feel better every day. For me 2 stool softeners was too much…. Especially since I haven’t eaten much. The bowel spasms are painful, I stopped taking them, I would rather tweek my diet than have the spasms. Looking forward to no periods and regained energy as the anemia diminishes!

        1. Sheila Jewell

          I’m having the DaVinci as well and am a little scared. Reason for surgery is 5 big fibroids and my uterus is the size of a 4 mth pregnancy. I’ve had really bad periods the past 2 years, big clots, anemia, etc..My surgeon came very highly recommended and I like him, I trust him. Just a little worried about recovery. I have time off from work (can work from home) 4-6 weeks if needed. I’m hoping I won’t need all that time, however. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I thought the doctor said the uterus & fibroids are pulled out thru a bag in one of the incisions but maybe I heard that wrong. The paperwork said Vaginal assisted, whatever that means.

  4. Misty

    Thank you for posting this! Very helpful.

  5. Tara

    Thank you soooo much for writing about your journey! I have been suffering with endometriosis for about 15 years and just found out last week that I also have adenomyosis and have scheduled a hysterectomy for the week of Thanksgiving. Your posts make me think it won’t be as bad as others have told me (although I think science has come a long way since my aunts had their hysts).

    1. kronda

      Tara thanks for your comment. I’m so glad it was helpful for you. Good luck with your surgery!

    2. Wendy P

      My mom had her hysterectomy back in the 70’s – what an ordeal – I don’t know how she managed with 4 kids at home… She used to say she was cut from stem to stern (vertically)… thank goodness for laproscopic surgeries.

      I totally believe pieces of the uterus can be removed via the small incision holes – that is what they did when I had my gastric sleeve in 2014. I’m actually HOPING for a hysterectomy … I never wanted children, am now 57, and need to be well enough to take care of myself in the future. Best to do this flipping surgery now instead of waiting and cringing through years of swollen cyst filled ovaries etc! Here’s hoping…

  6. Carol Jones

    I wish I had seen this blog last week. The only issue I had was the terrible constipation. I could not have had more water and fruit. I took duralax(?) but did not start the miralax until it was too late. My blood pressure skyrocketed. Everything better now. Two weeks checkup will be I 2 days. Thank you for sharing what to expect!!

  7. Cindy

    I had to share my experience because it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. If I can save anyone else the anticipation stress, I’m happy to help! I had a vaginal hysterectomy with laproscipic assist. One night in the hospital. My advice is stay ahead of the pain. Don’t wait until it starts to hurt to take your pain meds! You know it’s coming. No need to be a hero! Also, the gas pains and constipation can be the worst part. Follow docs advise to treat constipation and take gas-x! And get moving asap. The morning after the nurse suggested walking around the hospital. It really helps get the gas moving that gets trapped during surgery. Day 3 and I already went to a friend’s for dinner. On the couch of course with my trusty pillow over my abdomen, but very happy with my progress! I wish all of you a speedy recovery!

    1. Fior Rodriguez

      Im having mine in 2 weeks going on a cruise 3 weeks after. Were you ok by around 3 weeks? Pool, jacuzzi? Dr says maybe. Im having laparoscopic hysterectomy through vagina, ovaries remain and 3 holes, bellybutton and 2 on the sides.

      1. Courtney Roberts

        How was your cruise after your hysterectomy? I’m going in a cruise about 3 weeks after mine. We’re you ok? I have a high pain threshold and I heal fast.

    2. Katie

      Thanks Cindy. I have my surgery June 20 2016. Good news to learn about the gas


    3. I’m excited to have the laproscopic hysterectomy scheduled in 3 weeks. I’m having it done because of “extremely dialated filopian tubes” that I initially thought was appendicitis. I haven’t had it yet but am curious about recovery. I’m having it done in my old home town so that I can have a doctor who knows me do it. My recovery questions:
      1. Is the gas bad enough that I need to worry about being in public? If so, how long does it last. I’m scheduled to fly out 7 days after surgery and don’t want to get kicked off the plane due to stench.
      2. How long do you have to wait to pick up anything with any weight? I have a dog that weighs 40 lbs who needs help climbing into bed.
      3. Should I plan on just being on soup or are solids possible? I’ve put in for a request from my favorite doughnut shop.

      1. kronda

        Hi Susan,

        Sorry I’ve been swamped with work and didn’t get to approve your comment sooner. For anyone else wondering, my gas wasn’t that bad. Maybe Susan will report back.

        1. Susan

          I had it done January 23rd this year. It was easier that people made me think it would be. My doctor gave me a print out of recommendation and a pace of healing before I had the surgery. I would recommend to anybody to get one before heading in. It was helpful in making sure that my over the counter medicine cabinet was filled appropriately and also so that my physical pace was set up appropriately. Some of the over the counter medications simply included GasX, Colace and Advil. I used all 3 for about a week. The gas wasn’t bad but preventing it in front of my husband and 3 college age sons was motivation to take it and avoid embarrassment. The only piece that I didn’t have but wished I did was a heating pad to use at bedtime. That would have been nice. I bought one but after I realized that I would like to have one.
          My dad had knee surgery a few years ago and warned me about a few simple hospital things. Take ear plugs so that you can sleep easier. Start in on the Colace the night before surgery just because of the anesthesia side affect. I also took a crochet project because I knew that I’d be awake but bored while I was finishing up all of the post-op wait time.

          1. Rita Lorenzo


            I had the laparoscopy hysterectomy three months ago. When I went for my post-op, the doctor asked me to lower my pants, standing, looked at one incision, and told me all was fine. He didn’t look at the belly button, and no pelvic exam to see if healing inside was going o.k. I took his word for it. I was feeling fine. My partner does most of the house work, as I work from home, but I’ve been mostly in bed during the past three weeks because I noticed a little bleeding from my belly button; also, a little foul smell from that area when no blood was present. I experienced pain during urination, and a burning sensation. I called doctor’s office, and they didn’t return my call when they said they would. I finally got an appointment with a nurse practitioner who was very professional; the pain when she introduced this device to examine was excruciating. I left a urine sample.

            For a while things have been stressful with this practice, but after so many years suffering from excessive bleeding, D&C’s, blood transfusions, et al, I just wanted to have it done. They are a very reputable practice, but I don’t understand why the weird treatment towards me. It’s as though I had to beg for another follow-up appointment. Any thoughts? Anyone ever had blood at belly button. Right now, I couldn’t sleep…. It’s 6:08 a.m. in Miami, but my nerves are a wreck because of what I’m going through. I don’t feel as though I can sit for a long while, as in my home office, due to the discomfort in the lower abdomen.


      2. Robyn

        Hi All,
        I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s experiences through this blog!
        I am currently on day 8, post op (Laparascopic Hysterectomy, Salpingectomy and Cystoscopy), resulting from fibroids (and endometriosis as it turns out, much to my relief – another story), that have taunted me for just over 5 years now.
        Much to everyone’s surprise, I had no nerves going into this, just a sense of relief and frankly excitement (which tends to bewilder those who haven’t lived through this process)!
        My hospital stay was short, in for surgery Monday morning, I was up and walking around (catheter in hand) that afternoon, and dying to have a shower and put some pjs on by that night!
        I have four incisions, and the uterus, Fallopian tubes and cervix were all removed, with the assistance of a further small incision at the top of the vagina, through the vagina. The cystoscopy was an added extra to make sure that the bladder remained intact – no knicks or grazes that can sometimes occur during the procedure, for want of a better explanation!
        In case you can’t tell, I have a “I can, I will, I’ll fix this” personality, which can be detrimental to both instructions and a healing process!
        Needless to say, one night in hospital was more than I could manage, and once the catheter was removed, I was determined I was heading home!
        Personally I have needed very little pain relief (prescribed only 5 Endone’s, which I used at night only) and feel really good!
        Up to this point I have had no sentimental urges for any loss, just an overwhelming sense of relief and freedom from the “existence” I was previously living!
        As many of you have mentioned, when you’re feeling so good, it’s difficult to comprehend why you need to slow down and maintain a sense of rest, which I will admit I’m struggling with, there’s so much to do, no one does the housework the way you want it done etc.! But I can absolutely tell when I have overdone it- which I have on a couple of occasions already, visitors, animals, cooking, cleaning – must I go on? Taking a backseat to my own sense of strength and capabilities is hard, and I’m not one for asking for help, but I understand the need for assistance in the healing process, as my career choice is a veterinary nurse! I should know better!
        For now, I believe I’m heading down the right path, recovery will seem quick, but the healing takes time!
        I have been advised that I am allowed to drive at the end of this week (with a passenger), and should be good to return to work after 2-3 weeks, but that will be under strict instructions to rest when needed, no lifting, no cleaning, no straining! Not very easy instructions to follow in my line of work. I have been booked off for 5 weeks, so I guess it’s a waiting game to see how that one plays out?
        I guess as a tail end to my story, I just wanted to let anyone know who may have the jitters and heard all the “stories” well meaning folk must let you know, no one can ever guarantee a perfect result, but from the experiences I’ve read, and my own personal journey so far, it has been really good, great actually, and if this is the start of how I’m going to be feeling from now on, I cannot wait to see my life in a years time!
        It still amazes me how long it takes us to convince our Doctors (a generalisation and a note from my own personal experiences), that we know what we’re going through isn’t normal, and that we do truly understand how our bodies function and behave. It only takes one person to acknowledge the change in lifestyle and how some of these symptoms can inhibit your general well-being and choices.
        I’ll be ever grateful to the nurse who “ heard” me and instigated the referral process without question, knowing full well the consequences to her should she be considered over riding doctors instructions, simply asking how I was managing to get through each day, let alone month after month.
        I’m looking forward to days where I am able to get past the lunch hour to closing time without having toothpicks keeping my eyes open, and wondering if I have the energy to still do the 20-30 minute drive home without falling asleep? I’m looking forward to getting to work without having to rush straight to the bathroom to change sanitary items before I leak everywhere and need to change clothes! No more iron tablets, no more iron infusions, no more desperate hunting for pads and tampons because you underestimated the days flow? No more standing around in surgery knowing full well you cannot leave, feeling the dreaded sensation of the pour, not so casually running down your legs? (Apologies for anyone finding this too graphic -but it was very real for me) No more carrying an overnight bag around all the time just to make sure you always have a clean change of clothes, underclothes, toiletries to freshen up and packets of pads, tampons and the new super duper lined underwear? No more eating Ibuprofen like it’s your favourite snack of the day! (I’m sure my liver and kidneys will be thanking me too), and just generally being able to enjoy my life, fairly carefree again, swimming when I want, as many exercise classes as I want because I can, without fear of fainting, making a bloody mess or just generally feeling like I wasn’t going to make it through the hour?
        I can’t wait, and I recommend a no fear zone if this is the path best chosen for you!
        My hero of the hour (or hero’s) are the amazing nurse who listened, my new and amazing Ob/Gyn, and I think I should give credit where credit is due… Me, and all of You out there getting through it everyday!
        Good luck to all heading in for surgery, and I hope your experiences are as positive as mine have been so far!

  8. Ann

    I had my surgery September 8
    They took it all
    I really did very well.
    The dr told me to rest the day before and drink lots of water.
    Took pain pills 2 days after surgery
    Then Tylenol after that
    Really do what the dr says and don’t be lifting things that can really cause you big problems.
    It’s been about three months and I think I over done by getting Christmas boxes by myself I kinda hurt a little, so it does take time to heal up. I am going to be 54 on the 9 th of December, but I still feel it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Good luck to everyone that has gone thru this

  9. Dinise

    Just had my laproscopic hysterectomy Dec. 10 and I am diabetic. .Glad I did..not in any pain just irritation from two of the five scars. But overall I feel pretty good once I got over that gas. Whew!! I am still carefull at what I do because the stitches are still there.

    Thanks for posting.

  10. khris

    Hi….I am on day number 8 since surgery. Doc took all but my ovaries. It’s really hard for me to be still and not do stuff. I think I have done very well following instructions. I just wonder why it is so important to not lift more that 10 pounds. I feel like I can pick up more than that. I don’t want to hinder my healing, I just wonder why I hear that you can’t sweep, clean house, exercise, etc. I took the last of my pain pills two nights ago and the constipation was horrid! I have been taking some herbal flora pills and I’m not sure if those helped so much or if it was the fact that it was finally two days without the pain stuff. I will continue to take them because they are helpful to my system. The pain that I am having is my belly button, one of my holes in my belly and low in my pelvis. I’m sure the pelvis pain is due to the sutures at my vagina. Also, when I go pee it hurts in the same area when I’m almost done going. Sometimes when I stand up it feels like my belly button is kinda tearing. Did you experience any of that?

    I’m off work for about two months and I want to plant some veggies and get my garden growing. I’m wondering why or if that is something I shouldn’t do. It doesn’t seem like it will be too strenuous. Thoughts? I don’t want to hurt anything, but this is gonna drive me crazy. I would appreciate anything you would share. Thanks

    1. kronda

      Hey Khris,

      I didn’t have any pain with urination after getting out of the hospital. I don’t remember specific belly button pain, but when someone pokes a hole in you, it’s bound to hurt.

      The reason you’re not supposed to lift, exercise, etc is because though it may not feel like it, all those things involve you using your core / ab muscles and you need to leave them be and let them rest. Please keep in mind that I’m not a nurse, but I am married to one and she was quite clear on this point. The more you heal, the more ridiculous it will feel to honor your restrictions, but the possible setbacks really aren’t worth it.

      I would counsel against garden work for the same reasons I listed above. My advice is to take the opportunity to milk your circumstances and get as many people to do things for you as possible. 🙂 (I tried this, but healed so quickly, it didn’t last nearly as long as I liked :).

      Learn to relax and get cozy with a bunch of good books or Netflix or both. I hear the entire season of House of Cards is about to be released at once.

      Good luck!

      1. Wanda

        So Very True !
        Even though you feel as if you can tackle the housework and whole 9 yards. ..DON’T !!!
        Just remember your insides have been flipped, flopped, beaten, toured etc
        Take care of yourself, allow yourself the 2 -4 week time to Heal
        I feel wonderful too and I’m on Day 4, but I have too remember there was Surgeons and little people playing with my Internal Organs etc
        And they need time to Heal

        1. Wanda

          I too had 3 small incision
          Laparascopy Vaginal Hysterectomy . Removed everything but my Ovaries, and a Tumor. Not as bad as it seems

      2. Donna Somerville

        Hey! I hope this blog is still active. I had a robot assisted hysterectomy four weeks today. I’ve done very well, I returned to work two weeks after the surgery. It’s funny that I only have pain when I wear any sort of heel to work; so I’ve been sticking with flats. My question is this: Any bleeding during recovery? I came home the morning after and had already stopped bleeding; however, at my two week post op check I was spotting and now this morning, exactly four weeks to the day, I’m bleeding, more than spotting. My doctor told me that it was common, but if it became heavy and water-ee I should call him immediately. Of all the blogs I’ve read today, no one mentions bleeding, only the sharp pain and fatigue. Is this normal?

        Thanks! Donna

        1. kronda

          Hey Donna,

          Sorry it took a while to approve this. I don’t blog here much anymore, I’m busy working on my business. Hope your bleeding resolved itself!

  11. dana

    I am 5 days post op. I am going insane not doing anything. I feel fine with the exception of bending over. I really feel like I could go back to work, yes I’m that bored! I am confused about how they took things out. I was told it would all come out my who ha, but I’ve heard people say it is pulled thru the belly. Is it just up to the Doctor as to how it comes out?

    1. Mandy Younce Trujillo

      when they did my for hysterectomy everything came out my whoo ha I have three small incisions one inside the belly button and 2 incisions a little bit below my tummy one on each side

  12. Cat

    Wow. You and I are like twins when it comes to this story. I’ve had the same experience and I am now just a weekend away from my laparoscopic hysterectomy. I’m nervous and so excited that there is an end in sight, a future NOT filled with bloody (mis)adventures? Nirvana!!!! I’d also like to tell you that I found your blog quite entertaining, I really found your no-hold-barred approach refreshing and appreciated the detail you put into your whole “2013 battle with fibroids” – TMI? who cares? Why is everyone so afraid to talk about real stuff?!? I’m glad everything worked out for you…it really gives me hope! Thanks 🙂

  13. Mika

    Just had laparscopic hysterctomy 2 days ago. I only have 3 incisions. I feel great. Gas pain under diaphragm and right shoulder was horrible. But mostly gone now. They didnt remove anything vaginally. I’m finding it hard to not do anything. I’m a stay at home mom with a 17 mnth old who is very active. I do have help from my family…that I’m milking..lol. but surgery went better than i could have ever imagined. Went home next day. I had uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes removed, kept my ovaries. But all is well, I’m only taking ibuprofen for gas pain. Will take something for constipation to stay ahead of it.


  14. I wish I’d read this 2 week’s ago! I’m 2 weeks/ 2days post hysterectomy. I opted for a “good ol spring cleaning”, they took EVERYTHING (including a Tumor)! I had “Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy”, 3 little incisions on my tummy, but pulled vaginally! My Tumor was the size of a cantaloupe. This sucker according to the surgeon was a bitch to get out due to the fact I’ve never had children. Apparently my birth canal was quite tight (thanks for the compliment). I can officially say….I’ve given birth! I named him “Fruity”. I had this done on my birthday, therefore the double Morphine’s straight up were better than any bars cocktails. I also took advantage of my friend oxycoden when I got home! I have to say….I breezed thru this this process! No nausea after anesthesia, up and walking 10 hrs after surgery, not even a bruise were my IV was! The removal of the catheter was the most of the pain. Wait….the gas pains and bowel movements are a bit uncomfortable. You’ll never enjoy farting as often as possible during the 1st week in your life! Also, take advantage of all the fabulous offers of friends bringing something to eat! I kept saying….”I’m fine”, when I was slaving away in the kitchen the next day after surgery (cause the house according to me wasn’t clean enough to have company over). I did have my Mom by my side thru this whole process, it was actually nice just her, I , and the animals to ourselves. I started back to driving a week after surgery (independence is a wonderful thing). Don’t go for long periods of time….trust me, you’ll hurt later! It’s hard, you feel so good and think you can do more than you really should be doing! DONT lift ANYTHING heavier than a milk carton for at least 8 weeks! These insides need serious TLC!!!!!! I think it’s going to be the most important thing about the healing process. Anyways…..
    I’ve babbled on enough. To anyone who is going to have this done….be positive! It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel! My prayers are with you all…..
    P.S. I forgot…the hot flashes and night sweats have been a little bit of an annoyance. Looking for any advice on NATURAL hormone therapy????

    1. kronda

      I’m glad you had such a smooth experience! Obeying the restrictions when you’re feeling good is definitely a challenge. It helps to be married to a strict nurse. 🙂

  15. Heather

    Great readings!!! I’m 1 day shy of 2 weeks post LAVH (laproscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy) have to say I’ve been blessed to have been healing so well. I’m 29 and suffered from Endometriosis and heavy bleeding and pain that affected my quality of life. I couldn’t be any happier since having this done. The worst part was forsure the constipation and gas pains. More of an annoyance has now been the pinkish brown discharge which I guess is coming from the healing process of the vaginal cuff. I can not wait for the healing to be complete. So very ready to conquer the world with no pain or bleeding!!!

    1. Nikki

      Thank u your post is very helpful. I’m due to have the same procedure in a few months. I have endometriosis as well. I’ve been in a lot of pain every couple of weeks. Thank you so much for posting.

    2. Nikki

      Thank you Heather for your post. I have the exact same issues as u. I’m due to have the exact same procedure in a few weeks. Thanks a million u helped me in so many ways.

  16. Winda

    I really appreciate your posts! Thank you! I’m 7 days away from a laparoscopic partial (uterus only) hysterectomy due to a failed uterine ablation last year which left me with heavy periods…still. I’m sick of periods at my age (44) and will be having NO MORE CHILDREN. With that being said, I have no desire to deal with bleeding though my clothing at work every 28 days (awful).

    I was told that even though I’m only having my uterus removed, menopause could still be ignited earlier than usual… has anyone ever heard this?

    At any rate, I’m confident my recovery will go as smoothly as yours and I’ll plan to check back in after my surgery. Thank you for easing my brain and nerves!!!! I plan to follow your lead on my road to recovery.


    1. I just had a lyposcpoic hysterectomy 7 days ago and my stomach is still quite swollen. When can I expect to get my normal waist and stomach size back? Does it ever go back to normal size?? Ugh!!!

      1. Karen

        So very glad to have found this page! I am due to have my laparoscopic hysterectomy this summer probably July. I am scared and really not looking forward to this at all. We are planning on my hubby staying home for the first week. I dont have a support network in my city, any advice for being home alone for the next week or so?

        1. kronda

          I was quite surprised at how quickly I was functional after my surgery. Honestly, I thought I was going to get the milk the whole, ‘get my wife to do everything for me’ for a lot longer. So I guess my main advice is to make 4-5 days of dinners you can put in the freezer beforehand, plan not to lift anything heavy for several weeks, and if you’re feeling good after a couple of days, but you have your husband home for a week, be a better actor than I was and milk it a little. 🙂

          Good luck!

        2. Susan

          The “milk it” idea is definitely fun. There is a generational, non-electronic stereotype description of a hysterectomy. I had mine in January. There were a few minor issues. My mom thought is was going to be horrible so she came up to take care of me. She only stayed 2 days.

          The biggest issues that I had were actually from the anesthesia itself. My dad had knee surgery and forewarned me to start taking Colace the night before surgery; that helped. I did have an upset stomach and diminished appetite for a week; the doctor said that that was normal. I also stayed on the Colace for a few days because the prescribed pain killer also calls for Colace relief.

          I did do a few things to help with the recovery. I had my over the counter pain relief on hand. I had Motrin and also a heating pad.

          My actual recovery was the easiest. Just follow the doctor’s recovery plan time table. I actually wrote in my daily planner: this week start doing this, and week by week until the 8th week it was in my planner. The warning that I give is that the pace is different than normal so boredom will settle in. Have a good book handy. I also had a crochet project.

      2. Susan

        Someone just posted a question about the stomach being bloated. I’ll share my experience. Immediately afterwards, yes, my stomach was a little swollen. I blamed the gas used during the surgery. I went a few days in comfortable clothes (yoga outfits without a zipper or waistband) and dresses. One of my sister-in-laws recommended a girdle. Went I went in for my post op appointment, I asked the doctor if the girdle was OK. The reply was yes. I did start wearing one immediately.
        It’s been 6 months now since my surgery. The excuse that I use publicly for needing the surgery was the seatbelt from a car accident which put me in ICU, not the reality of just having messed up insides. Now that it’s been 6 months since the surgery, I actually weigh the same that I used to weigh 8 years ago prior to the accident. No diet, normal exercise of walking the dogs multiple times daily and doing laundry… normal weight.

  17. Jennifer

    I am scheduled for a Laparascopic hysterectomy(all bit the ovaries). June 8. Uterine fibroids and increasingly heavy bleeding every month for past 5-6 years. Fortunately, never had bad leakage. Always make sure I’m near a bathroom. I’m 46/ no children. I’m saying good riddance!! I’m ready to be able to plan trips ahead of time. I’m ready for no more money spent in expensive feminine products. I’m ready to not cancel pkabs(well, sometimes it actually was a very handy way to get out of things). I have enjoyed stumbling across your site!


    1. I’m About to have the same thing been active for about a year don’t know how it’s going to turn it I’m 47 hate to not exercise for 8 weeks still loose muscles very nervous

  18. Faith

    I am planning to have the surgery in a couple of weeks. I’m very anxious since my periods are so severe and make me absolutely miserable. I do not however, have any fibroids or tumors…just really bad cyles. My question is, did you have severe issues with pms and did it go away after the surgery? I suffer from bloating, back pain, headaches, cramps, breast tenderness, etc. for about 2 weeks before my period. And…did the bleeding cease immediately or did you have have bleeding after your surgery?

    1. kronda

      Hi Faith,

      I wouldn’t call my PMS issues severe, and yes, I still go through the equivalent of PMS since I still have my ovaries. It’s kind of hard to track since there’s no bleeding to mark it by, but mostly I can tell by appetite and crankiness level. I can’t really say if your symptoms will get better, not being a medical professional. My guess would be that at least the bloating and cramps would go away since those seem directly related to the uterus. I mentioned I’m not a medical professional right? 🙂

      I bled from the actual surgery for a few days to a week if I recall and then everything got much much better.

      Best of luck with your procedure and recovery!

      1. Jojo

        Hi! I’m not sure who will get this post…I am not savvy with twitter, facebook, anything like that, so I hope I’m doing this right…so, I will be scheduling an appointment for a laporascopic assisted partial hysterectomy, like many of you girls have had…to come out from under the dark, heavy, torturous pain that I, like so many of you, experience monthly…now its turning into a 20-21 day cycle. Ugh…the fear of the unbearable agony every single time…ready for relief!
        My dilemma is this (and call it ridiculous or selfish for wanting to postpone surgery for this reason, but its important to me!): I ride a motorcycle. I’ve read that a few of you girls ride bicycles and hopped back on in a couple of weeks, and kudo’s to you brave chicks! A motorcycle is a different animal…anyone out there ride? Any thoughts or comments on how long I should wait to ride? Because if I can’t ride for months, then I will wait until colder weather to have the surgery…which I don’t want to do…I really need to have it done, but riding is super important to me! I’m such a brat…!!! I want it alllll! So, I wonder what anyone has to say to that…
        Thanx! And I am super glad I found this blog/post/social media thing (whatever this is called!!??)! Its cool to hear real stories versus just what the doc says…and I do understand that what she says is important, too. But you guys’ stories are way better!
        If I have done this correctly, I hope to hear what anyone has to say about riding a motorcycle post-op…
        Thank you!

        1. renee criss

          I dont ride motorcycles but I do ride horses and I had to wait 6 weeks to ride and when I got the clear boy did I ride 🙂
          I did tire easily so my first couple of rides were not long it wasnt until about the 8 week that I had my energy back enough to ride 45 minutes I say do it now and move forward you will be a happier person after its all done.

        2. 'Shawn

          I ride a motorcycle…. I waited 3mos. Too many crazy people on the road and having to make a quick decision and move on a motorcycle didn’t seem like a good idea to me. Not to mention twisting to check a lane change. Theoretically I suppose you could be good to go in 6 weeks, but to each their own. Good luck.

      2. Salma Hussain

        The lining of my womb is quite thick too much oestrogen so am having uterus and ovaries removed. Have had 8 children all grown up. In the past have had bleeding and polyps removed. Reading all this information is reassuring. I will definitely have a well earned test and take the advice of pain killers and medicines for constipation. Good luck to all.

  19. 'shawn

    I was searching for info and came across your blog after surgery, I’m Scheduled in 1 week. I thought it was pretty interesting that Similarly my wife had the same/similar surgery a few years prior and is also in nursing. I guess that means I’m in good hands lol. Thanks for the overview on what to expect and recovery 🙂 Best wishes.

    1. kronda

      @ ‘shawn, Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

      1. Salma Hussain

        Regarding the painkillers and laxatives is it best to buy them beforehand or do the hospital sort those out?

  20. Deb

    Hi… just saw this Web chat… I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy two Fridays ago at a wonderful hospital outside of Boston… the surgeon only does minimally invasive gynecological surgery… I was in excellent hands due to my Gyn’s referral… I am 59 yes old an in good health… I practice yoga regularly and ride my bike….this helped quite a bit with my recovery… I took the pain medication and used a heating pad on my abdomin… that’s what felt best…I was very tired for a few days…my energy level is now returning… no bleeding at first but now spotting old blood….maybe doing too much? I haven’t returned to yoga yet but have been on my bicycle… no hills… just beach bike slow ride… the incision that hurt the most was my bellybutton where the little camera was inserted…my cervix, uterus and fallopian tube were cut and removed through my vagina… three very small incisions which have already healed… I guess my advice going into this is to be in the best physical and emotional state that you can achieve… it’s also so helpful to have people that support and love you by your side or checking in… I will see the surgeon on Monday for my two week followup and hopefully my pathology report came back clean and I can move forward…. wishing you all health and if faced with surgery…. speedy and full recoveries… best….Deb

    1. Koren

      Hi Deb,

      I live in Portland Maine and am currently in the process of vetting out doctors in my general area and was wondering if you could provide the name of the facility/doctor who did your procedure outside of Boston? It’s super overwhelming doing all the research but I’m really focused on having it done with the absolute best I can find. I have the operation on the books for March 3rd as a place holder but don’t really care for my current doctor’s bedside manner if you will. 🙁

      Appreciate any insight you can give.

      Thanks so much,

      1. Kim

        Hi i live on the north shore and have a doctor named Kelly Wright. She is awsome!! Having a partial hysterectomy next Monday and I am extremely nervous. I am having it done in Burlington Mass. Let me know how you made out. Kim

    2. Chasity

      I had the exact same things done along with having the endometriosis removed in several spots and a sling put inside for my bladder. It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since my surgery, I’m on my last day of antibiotics and I stopped taking my Tramadol for the pain yesterday. I still have some pain around my belly button area and pelvic area but I do go back to work tomorrow so hopefully Ibuprofen will do the trick. I’m still unsure exactly where my uterus and Cervix was removed from but I’m sure they will explain at my 6 week check up.


  21. With the lack of support from my husband regarding this surgery, I still decided to go through with it. I had been suffering for so long and began to take more medication to make it through the day. I am now three days after surgery and do not regret my decision. I know I will feel better as times goes by. I stopped the pain medication monday night. I have taken ibuprophen when needed. I am walking every chance I get. I cannot wait to get back to exercising. I feel like a whole new woman. My friends can not believe how well I have been getting around. I do recommend no spicy food for a few weeks. Give your body time to heal, but do eat greens and food with antioxidants. This is not your mother’s hysterectomy as my doctor told me. I thank her for helping me through this time. I can finally live life fully without having to plan around my periods and the pain.

  22. Holly Butler

    Hi, I came across your blog after searching for answers on hysterectomies. I am scheduled for my preop to remove a tennis ball size mass on my ovary in a few weeks. However, I have had constant bleeding and pains for awhile now. I have been through precancerous cells of the cervix and had a leep done last year. This year I now have this 6cm complex cyst. My doctor put me on two mini pills a day to control my bleeding until preop and I have made the decision to get a hysterectomy. My question is I am 44 years old and I don’t want anymore children as I have three so which hysterectomy do I need to discuss with my doctor. I know there’s ones that leave your ovaries and cervix. I have been trying to research what I need to do. The cyst is on my ovary and my Dr said she’s going to remove it but is there really a way to save it because I want a hysterectomy where I can keep my ovaries. I’m so confused as to what to keep and what to get rid of. Lol I loved your blog BTW. You really inspired me and made me feel better about my decision.

    1. 'shawn

      I’m sure Kronda will respond but since I got this notification and I’m out fishing and just sitting here I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents. I’m 35, I’m 8weeks post-op… My doc took EVERYTHING except my ovaries. Literally, cervix, uterus, AND my tubes. He said it’s safer to clear it all while he’s in there so if you don’t plan on any other kids, why not? Just something to mention to your doc. good luck 🙂

      1. Holly

        Shawn, thank you for your reply. I have been driving myself crazy searching the internet looking for answers. I just heard if you lose your cervix then your sex life is gone. However, I am being silly also by reading other comments that are negative about hormone therapy. This now makes two cancer scares in less than two years and I can’t stand birth control anymore. I am physically sick from taking two pills a day to control my bleeding and I just want a hysterectomy. I am really hoping my doctor will agree to it as well as doing it laparoscopy. I really did some research and know it should be possible even having a complex cyst as big as a tennis ball. Thank you again and I hope you continue to have a great recovery!

        1. Ava Rosa

          Hi Holly,

          First of all, I would recommend in general to talk to your gyno, or get a second opinion, about any questions you have and ask as many as you need to to be sure you are choosing the right kind of procedure. This online conversation is really helpful, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to read a lot of things online about medical conditions and procedures — especially if you have a specific combination of conditions and concerns. Half of what you read may not apply to you AND it will freak you the heck out. Especially if there are pictures. Yikes.

          Also — mention your concerns to your trusted girlfriends. I was surprised how many of my friends, or friends or relatives of theirs, had had hysterectomies or myomectomies, and it was easy to get firsthand reports of their experience.

          I had a partial supracervical laparoscopic robotic-assisted hysterectomy, a week ago at this writing, which means my uterus, fallopian tubes and a grapefruit sized fibroid were removed. Everything was evacuated through an incision on my navel. I kept my ovaries and I actually was able to keep my cervix. I didn’t see much written above about supracervical hysterectomies, so I thought I would chime in, in case my experience is helpful.

          I didn’t have any cysts or issues with my ovaries however so I won’t be able to address any of that.

          One main thing I was concerned about was recovery time, as I am a freelancer and I had a 6-8 week window with a break in work-required physical activity where I could rest and heal. One suggestion my surgeon had to try and minimize recovery time was to keep my cervix. The doctor did also mention that while it’s believed (I don’t think there is a ton of research on this) that orgasm/sexual pleasure is experienced vaginally and clitorally, some women say they do have deep uterine orgasms. I think you have to determine whether that last bit is true for you or not. So, if you are one of those lucky gals, and you don’t have concerns about uterine cancer or cervical cancer, or history of it in your family — you might choose to have a supracervical procedure to preserve that sensation and experience.

          If you’ve had two cancer scares recently though, supracervical may not be worth any sexual benefits which haven’t been scientifically proven.

          My choice to keep my cervix was entirely to reduce post-op pain/discomfort and recovery time. The nerves and blood vessels connecting the uterus/cervix to the vagina are not severed. In my case the uterus was detached from the cervix and I think the top of my cervix was cauterized. So there was little to no bleeding, and no stitching up the end of my vagina, which would then make it tender with cut nerves and vascular ends, and all that tissue that needs a long period of healing.

          I’m in my late 40’s and fortunately have never had an abnormal pap result, and I think this is really important — if you have any question at all about the risks of retaining your cervix, consult your doc to make the best decision because 1) you may still have endometrial tissue attached, and this may still shed during your menstrual cycle if you keep your ovaries, so you still have a period — and 2) you don’t want to have another surgery a few years later to remove diseased tissue after you took the trouble to take out most of that body part anyway!

          So far, I just passed the days where my period would have occurred, and other than light spotting left over from the surgery, I had no bleeding at all. (whoohoo!)

          Another thing to know about a supracervical hysterectomy: If you keep the cervix, than any large growth plus your uterus/fallopian tubes / ovaries / whatever else you planned to remove from your abdomen may likely not be able to be removed through your vagina, as the cervical opening may be too small. So your main incision is going to be bigger than if vaginal removal were an option. Again, how they remove the organs/growths will depend on your individual factors.

          My recovery has been pretty smooth, pretty sore but only on ibuprofen now. I wouldn’t call it pain; just discomfort and swelling only one week out. Only took narcotic painkillers two days after the surgery. Constipation was no joke; that was the worst part of it for me and had I known I would totally have started the laxatives the night before surgery.

          Also: get hip to http://www.mealtrain.com — have a trusted friend set this up for you before surgery to organize friends who want to bring meals to you. It’s really comforting to have that support when you’re recovering and not able to move about easily or lift simple things to cook for yourself. And a lot healthier. Set it up for at least a week, and you get visitors checking on you every day too! So thanks Kronda for putting that in your original blog post!

          Keep asking questions, be kind to yourself, and good luck Holly!

          And thanks everyone for sharing your experience!

      2. Michele

        I’m 52 and had fibroids that finally needed to be addressed. It was difficult to decide whether or not to take it all ( including ovaries) the dr said I didn’t need them anymore and it was easy for him to say that. I was told I could take a pill to help with hot flashes etc but I decided to ride out the storm. Today is 10 days post op and I had the da Vinci robotic total hysterectomy. I feel AMAZING. I have zero pain and take Advil only for swelling. I find it hard to believe that that I feel so good. It’s hard to sit still and rest but I do force myself . Looking forward to my two week post op so I can drive. Ease back into a routine. And no hot flashes or night sweats or mood swings. I really do feel great.

        1. Laurie

          Michele, I’m in the same boat. Going in for surgery on Tuesday. Did you take some sort of Hormone replacement Therapy after your procedure?


        2. I’m so thankful to find this blog. I am a 42yr old cardiac patient. Over this past year I have developed ovarian cyst, heavy and looong menstrual cycles accompanied by horrible pain. I am scheduled for a total Laparoscopic hysterectomy within the month. I am comforted by everyone being so open and transparent about their experience.
          Thanks Ladies

        3. Angie

          I too am having the robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy in a few weeks. I am 48 and I do not plan on having any other children. They found a pre cancerous polyup during my ablation. Removed it and tested…it was benign. However,they want me to have a hysterectomy now to remove everything and to be cautious about future cancer. Doc said it was up to me on keeping ovaries but I would probably be going into menopause in a few years so why not just do it now. I’m not ready. If surgery isn’t bad enough I have to then go through menopause.my ablasion surgery was only a month and half ago. Any insight in what I should do. I am not ready for hot flashes, and night sweats…although I do have some now but it is not all the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Heather

    I am so glad I found this blog! I’m having the same procedure in a few weeks. I found lots of info online about what to expect from a medical point of view but I wanted a human point of view. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. kronda

      That’s exactly why I wrote it. Good luck with your surgery!

  24. RileyL

    Hi there – I am 3 weeks out from the same procedure. Although nervous, I am excited to finally get this over with. I have had years with problems, but most the past 4 years have been bad. It is time to say “goodbye” to this rollercoaster and “hello” to feeling healthy. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience and the aftermath of the surgery. From what you wrote, and from what others have written, my take away is stay ahead of the pain with meds – but get off the meds as soon as possible, do what you can to not get constipated and give your body time to heal. All tips I plan on using. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us 🙂

    1. kronda

      RileyL good luck with your surgery!

  25. renee criss

    I am haveing my surgery in 3 weeks bleeding nonstop and progesterone isnt as effective I have heard so many horror stories from people this is the first site that I am starting to calm down. I have to work and I have many animals that I take care of including horses I so hope to be riding after 6 weeks this is one of my tuffest decisions but being so weak from the loss of blood I am counting down the days. Thank you so much for having this blog. As for trust in my doctors I am hoping it will be ok she is overwhelmed I feel with the two doctors that have left I have no choice but to go to her because of money and insurance here is to me reposting same results no to little pain fast recovery thanks again!

    1. kronda

      Renee best wishes for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery.

  26. Jennifer

    Just had hysterectomy 2 days ago…with one ovary due to endometriosis. Off pain killers next morning. Feels like my intestines are sliding around iny cavity and dieing for bowel movement. Still dealino with body gas pain that feels like a heart attach in my upper chest and shoulders. Might have to deal with menopause despite the left over ovary. Guess it’s one day at a time. Praying for all women dealing with this. Thank you for the blog

  27. Mechelle

    Had my LAVH on yesterday. I am home now recovering, just wish the gas pains would go away. Any suggestions?

    1. Faith

      It has been about 4 months since my surgery. I have to say that I really felt healed after 3 months. It does take time so hang in there. My gas pains were the worst…my only word of comfort is…it will get better each day. No quick fix with any of it. Healing takes time! I still have my ovaries so I notice some of the same side effects like moodiness and lately mild cramping, but thank God there’s no more blood clots. Anyone else feel the pain in your ovaries during ovulation?

      1. Asmita Thaokar India

        Hi I got hysterectomy done 10 days ago…5 holes and cervix, uterus abd ovaries removed. I came home on 3rd day of surgery feeling better no pain as such.. just a small shooting pain inside on some stressful movements. I walk for 5 minutes and also doing normal home activities like cooking. I am avoiding bending and lifting things.. was off painkillers from 4th day itself..

  28. T. J

    I love your article on this subject. You were sincere with the experience. I just had mine done yesterday came back home today. Had terrible pains but I know I ll be fine in a few days.

  29. Christine

    I’m so glad I came across your story. I’m 38, never have had children and weeks from having a laproscopic partial hysterectomy. I’m scared but, I do feel better thanks to you and posts from others on this page. I have one fibroid, Ernie, that is degenerating and causing issues since the day after Thanks Giving of 2015. Thank you for sharing your story.

  30. Sheila

    I had laposcopic hysterectomy 11 days ago. Removed: several fibroids, both ovaries (one of which had a benign – thank you God) cyst, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes. My 2 week post-op visit is coming up at which I will ask out of curiosity, was anything removed vaginally rather than thru belly- button incision. I had constipation issues which my Primary Care doctor resolved. NOTHING worked until I bought the bottle of magnesium citrate at drugstore. Worst part of it all was gas/constipation. I got pneumonia in hospital which has caused me to be tired. Pain pretty much gone – except for periodic jab in pelvis. PS I’m 75 and in great health.

    1. kronda

      Wow. Go you! Glad you’re doing better!

  31. catherine felix

    Thank you for writing this! It is so nice to hear about others struggles with post op. I recently had the misfortune of having to under a pretty intense surgical procedure. I had to undergo some reconstructive surgery in order to correct a severe trauma. The whole process leading up to the surgery was traumatic for obvious reasons. I don’t want to go into too much detail but during my surgery, my team used a FAW blanket and it helped so much with my post surgical recovery. Here are some facts about the system http://www.fawfacts.com

  32. Lisa

    Thanks to all for sharing your stories! I am scheduled for next Thursday, Laproscopic all of it. The cysts are on the ovaries and the polups are in the uterus so it all has to go. I am 50, have a beautiful daughter, adopted cause these parts never did work and I will be really glad to see them go and all the pain go with them!

    1. kronda

      Lisa good luck with your surgery!

  33. Sally

    Anybody have cevical cancer? I have Stage 11 and am suppose to get a complete hysterectomy next wk. Husband left me, I’m scared to death, am 64 yrs old and being treated at a cancer ctr. Have to do a,bowel prep and liquid diet day before which I did in March for surgery to have 6 biopsies done. None of the tests were conclusive if my cancer has spread to the pelvic lymph nodes. Dr said surgery could be 4 to 5 hrs and will be done by the robot. Any body have any info or comments to share. Thanks
    cancer ctr

    1. Charity

      Sally, I just saw this post, and I’m wondering how you are doing? How did your surgery go? I’m so sorry that you lost your husband during such a scary time, how utterly heartbreaking!! I hope you have friends to help you, I hope you are recovering well. Love you you, Prayers.

    2. Dianne

      I just had a hysterectomy day before yesterday. My ovaries, tubes, and uterus were removed. It was done laproscopicaly, but everything removed from the vagina. It only took hour and half. I came home yesterday. I had breast cancer a year ago, and had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with the
      Latismus flap. I had fluid in both Fallopian tubes. One tube was kinked, a cyst was on one ovary. My uterus was filled with fibroids.

  34. Lisa

    Dear Sally,
    Don’t worry about the prep, that is just alot of pooping as if you were getting a colonoscopy. DO make sure someone is with you to pick you up and stay with you for a few days after your surgery! You will need it. The robot is something my dr does.He said the healing is about the same as laproscopic.
    I had a complete hysterectomy including my cervix just over 2 weeks ago. other than no heavy lifting, I feel really good.
    Good Luck!!!

  35. Ashlee

    Love this site. I had a subtotal hystorectomy via laparoscopic surgery three weeks ago. My doctor took my left ovary (which had a basketball sized benign tumor growing from it), my uterus (which had two fibroids inside and four outside), and my right tube. He left the right ovary and my cervix. I have three incisions. I had no pain. Only took the oxycodone for two days following. Took Tylenol following. Three weeks post op I don’t need any pain medicine. I also took an antiimflammatory medicine for two weeks. I had my post op appt this past Tuesday. I can drive now and am going back to work Monday!

    I took it very easy the first few days. The next week I still took it easy but was able to fold laundry and piddle around the house more.

    I am a nervous nelly when it comes to medical issues and this experience pales in comparison to the pain and bleeding I was feeling.

    The worst part was being sore and the trapped gas. Drink a lot of water!

  36. Charity

    If anyone could please comment on the other effects of your surgeries, like sexual effects, mood, feelings of depression, loss of vitality, etc? I would appreciate it. I’m scheduled to have my uterus out in a few weeks, and I’m not sure I want to so this yet. I have endo, and I’m suffering every month, it’s causing a lot of problems in my life, but I am only 38, I don’t want to lose my ability to have sexual vitality, I don’t want to fall into a depression…. what about weight gain? Has anyone suffered MORE after hysterectomy? Anyone with endo that getting your uterus out didn’t help??? I’m very scared and my dr. isn’t telling me much. At all.

    1. m

      Did you have the surgery? I can help answers some questions. I had mine about 7 weeks ago. I had heavy bleeding, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian disease.

      1. Lisa

        My surgery was in April. I had a complete everything laproscopic. There ia still some bleeding adter sex but it feels better than before. You might need some lubricant depending…
        A life wothout pain! Why did i wait so long to get this done! Good luck to all!!

  37. K.B.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hadn’t found much written by younger patients, and it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one going through this (I’m 32). I’m optimistic, but still scared as hell.

    Hope you’re continuing to feel healthy and happy!

  38. Angel

    Thank you for this interesting blog. My story is similar to everyone’s. Had lap with vaginal removal. Kept my ovaries. I’m 2 1/2 weeks out and feel great. But I have one nagging problem that makes me fearful of going back to work (as a nurse to boot). I have awful hot flashes. I’m off the meds and I’m concerned about early menopause. Granted I do live in a hot desert. 106-112 daily. But it is hot flashes. It’s gross and embarrassing. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Lisa B. Lewis

      YES! have the Doctor up your estrogen. This balance will take several months to find. and each body is different.

  39. Scared Sheila

    Hi Kronda. I would like to thank you for posting this and thank God I read it. It’s been a tough year so far with finding out I have a huge fibroid and a cyst on each ovary to not getting the medical clearance I need for surgery because I have failed two EKG tests. Oh, and I just got back an hour ago from the Dr who told me I have a cluster of benign cysts in my breast and would have to come back in six months. (My grandmother had cancer and her breast removed when she was 35). I just turned 40 and with the exception of asthma and high cholesterol, that runs in my family, I’ve been pretty healthy. Since my daughter will be turning 18 and I have no plans of starting over with a new baby, I opted to have a hysterectomy, but leave one ovary with the”smaller” cyst behind, so I don’t get “forced” into menopause.
    I go back this Friday for a stress test and I pray I pass because my hysterectomy is scheduled for next. Honestly, I’m really worried about having a heart problem and not even being able to have the surgery. I’m actually fearful, but as a single mom, I can’t show my daughter my tears.
    I will stay as positive as possible and look at your story again if I get down.

  40. jennifer

    I’m scheduled for subtotal lap next week. Scared to death. After reading every word of this blog feeling a bit better! Thanks everyone for sharing 🙂

  41. Christina C.

    I am scheduled for my hystorectomy next week. My surgery will be laproscopic with robot assist. According to my doctor my heal time should be approximately 10 days. I am super nervous about all of this as I am only 33 yo. I am hopeful that my sex life will get better because the endo causes so much pain I dont even want to have sex. There are so many things running through my head right now that it is just unreal. I hope I am able to give you a positive update soon!

    1. Christina C

      Update: I had my surgery yesterday and I am comfortably resting at home. I find that I am bored out of my mind! I feel great though! The doctor was able to leave one ovary so I will not need hormone therapy. I know me and I am going to have a very hard time sitting still. Today I have only taken pain meds one time and haven’t needed more. I am feeling very fortunate that things have gone so well!!

      1. kronda

        Congratulations Christina! Maybe now would be a good time to read some good books? 🙂

  42. Pumpkin

    Hello everyone just had hysterectomy by robot yesterday. My ovaries were left. I’m having pretty bad gas even as I type this. I’m taking Gas x. I’m also have to take levenox..sp a shot in my abdomen for a month once a day to avoid blood clots die to family history of them. Overall I feel great glad I will not have to suffer with heavy periods anymore and be severely anemic as well. Looking forward to more energy and ready to exercise but I’m going to take it easy and bless my body and rest. God bless you all!

  43. Andrea Zepeda

    Awesome recovery story. I’m 6 days post TLH also and kinda scared to tell everyone how great I feel because some have had longer and dire recoveries plus I like the pampered princess phase. I would love to know when you stated actively working out and riding again. I’m anxious and deathly afraid of losing any sort of fitness level..lol.
    I guess I’m a newbie blog follower now. Take care and thanks for sharing your story.

    1. kronda

      Hey Andrea, glad things went so well for you! I think it was a month before I was allowed to ride my bike. (Note: I’m married to a nurse!). I know it’s hard, but better not to overdo it!

  44. Angela

    Thinking Abt a complete hysterctomy in a few months ..have three fibroids and heavy periods going threw meanpause .wondering what the after effects are emotional,weight gain ?mood swings?havent seen many posts about the after effects some say are not that great!especially the weight gain?

  45. Linda Mahan

    Can’t begin to tell you how helpful this blog has been to me! I am 73 years old and will be having a total hysterectomy Monday because of uterine cancer. Question: the first few days of recovery does it make a difference if I am reclining in bed lying straight out or sitting in a recliner with body bent?

    1. kronda

      Hey Linda, glad you found your way here. I don’t remember having any trouble sitting up. Your mileage may vary!

  46. Miss Chelle

    Had total lap hyst @ 47 years of age. (6 weeks ago.) (adenmyosis & prolapse) Sat up and went to the bathroom 5 hours after surgery, and went home the first day. Walked 5,000 steps day 3 to day 10, then gradually bumped up to 10,000-12,000 within 1 month. Took probiotics so no problem pooping. Very pleased! Feel far better than I had the year prior to surgery. Only two set-backs during healing; allergic reaction to glue on stitches and over-doing it a bit with push lawn-mower at 1 month. (Put me down for a few days.) My advice, keep walking. If you’re feeling good, start with new activities in small increments. In retrospect, no matter how good we feel, and how quickly the incisions heal, these are still organs that have been removed on inside. Doc put me on estrogen patch immediately, so I feel as if I have dodged menopause, feel better than ever. p.s. There is not enough discussion about sexual gratification after procedure. I do feel orgasms are shorter now that they don’t ripple through cervix & uterus, but overall, I am pleased at how much sexual satisfaction remains and how much pain and discomfort has been removed.

  47. Zipho

    I had a full laparoscopic hysterectomy on the 12 September 2016. I have had internal bleeding but getting better. My HB was really low which made me to stay 3 days in hospital. The pain is slowly subsiding and have started to do minor light households duties. I rest a lot. I have found my hot water bottle at round my waistline to be useful. Can’t wait for my follow up session. As I have not stopped having light vaginal bleeding.

  48. Rhonda

    I had a laparoscopy hysterectomy on September 27th. Today is October 3rd. I am having stinging pain on my vagina opening. It feels like a lump is there. It is hard to wipe after urination and hurts when having a bowel movement. I am still so tired and wondering how long this will affect me.

    1. Aimee

      I’m 3 weeks post op and having the same kind of pain and discomfort. How long did your pain last?

      1. Michelle Peria

        Hello Rhonda, Hello Aimee, I had a lap hysterectomy (abdominal removal) on Dec 14 and today is Dec 25. For the first 7-10 days I had burning and pain with urination and continue to have cramping and gas pain with bowel movements. I initially thought the pain and burning with urination was a bladder infection (maybe brought on by the cystoscopy performed at the end of surgery). I called my clinic and went in for a urine test, but that showed up negative (even when cultured the test was negative). At any rate, I wasn’t totally surprised by that because my symptoms weren’t like UTI’s I’ve had in the past — the frequent need to urinate wasn’t there, just the burning pain with urination. The Nurse Practitioner at the clinic did a visual examination and told me that she could see bruising on the urethra and that most likely I had suffered some trauma with the speculum during the cystoscopy. And she also mentioned that the tube used during the cystoscopy may have also caused some irritation. So today is day 11 since surgery and I’m starting to feel some decrease in the burning when I pee. I would add that I’m drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day and avoid any food/drink that might irritate the bladder and urethra, stuff like spicy foods, coffee, tea (black, chai) etc. I think it goes without saying that alcohol is not a good idea. I’m also trying to stay away from sugary foods right now, but it’s the holidays so that isn’t easy.

  49. Gillian

    Hi Kronda
    Thankyou for your blog. I have read for a fair bit and felt ready to write because of your positive attitude!
    This is my first google of ‘hysterectomy’ after being fast forwarded (finally!) for a laparoscopic one to take out my womb and the fibroids which have been the bane of my life for long enough. I’ve had bladder issues for years, people always telling me it was psychological, and 2 years ago my gran died of uterine cancer which got me to the doctor to get checked out. I proved my friends wrong, turned out I have huge fibroids which the docs told me would shrink with menopause and I should sit it out. Gulp. I am 44.
    I’m a a painter/decorator, work for myself, and am very physical so changed my diet to try and offset the bulges and manage the situation but after dislocating my back 3 times this summer (and losing work) from the pressure in my abdomen my osteopath told me to get checked out again. The local doctor wasnt taking me seriously, said she couldnt help me, so I let the tears out and had a bit of a strop which isnt me but it worked. Gynae checked me out 2 weeks ago and said it was time to move things on and fast.
    I’ve been told it will be before christmas and my pre op assessment is in 2 weeks. It’s the first week of october now. And I’m getting nervous. I’m a little nervous about hospital, I’ve never been in for anything! I’m nervous about nurses, being pulled around, back pain in a weird bed (I can only sleep with 5 strategically placed pillows!) open-backed gowns, other pain.. am having sleepless nights about whether they will give me enough anaesthetic, all that stuff.. but mostly I’m concerned about the recovery period. I’m hearing wildly different things from people.
    See I live in the country, with my dog, in a draughty old house, I work for my self, I’m a one-woman show. I’m not good at being still!!!!
    But I see I have to get ready. This weekend I’m going to move my bed into a downstairs room and get it set up and cosy and thankfully my partner is moving in hopefully before my op (she has just passed her driving test yesterday so will be head errand runner/dog walker when she does move in, poor thing). So she will be there for support tho working long hours in the city and a couple of friends locally have offered errand running help for afterwards.

    The last few weeks I have been felling trees, logging and prepping for a cold dark Scottish winter with much more urgency than usual. And I’m cramming in extra work right now even tho I feel dreadful with these damned fibroids, just trying to put some extramoney in the bank to tide me and the house through the recovery period. 6 weeks I can just about do, more than that and I will be broke. Gulp again.
    They say I will keep my ovaries and cervix, that’s all fine, unless things are more sinister than they thought. I’ve never wanted kids, have always had painful periods and am desperate for the op so I can get on with my life. Everything has been so difficult since gran died and left me as distant carer of my mother who is 150 miles away and has epilepsy/dementia. She has support at home, but I am her only relative/friend and am her port of call for everything from mopping up sad phonecalls to buying her food shopping online and liasing with social workers and specialists. That’s really pulling at me right now, that I will be out of action for weeks and not able to drive down if she has a bad spell. Maybe it’s a good distraction for once, that i cant think too hard about what I’m about to go through myself.

    Thanks for your candour and for all the tips about vitamins and friends bringing food… I need to do more reading of you and others and prepping for convalescence. I admit a teeny part of me is looking forward to being cosy and eating more soup… hot belly wraps and painkillers and gasping with wind pain I do already every day so that’s nothing new. But I’m really not good at being laid up. I’m thinking I should get onto the pilates right away to strengthen my core. I’ve stopped drinking beer and wine already but there’s so much to think about suddenly. My partner has been learning of late how this kooky old house works, she’s a good woman and puts up with it’s quirks and mine but I need her to be super ready!
    I could go on but I will spare you! Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for your positivity. A lot of Brit stuff I’ve read so far today has been dour, sore. (Sorry fellow Brits!) Doesnt surprise me that your words came out of Portland (I’ve been twice).
    I’m going to read a bit more of your blog this evening.
    Best wishes, wish me luck.
    ps. LOVED the picture of the sanny-pads donated!

  50. Jana

    Hi Kronda and thank you SO much for sharing your story. I had a myomectomy 10 years ago at age 35 which was a BEAST to recover from. My doctor warned me the fibroids would likely return and he was right. Ugh…. After being on very expensive birth control pills for years to reduce my flow and dealing with a bloated stomach I decided it was time to solve this problem once and for all. I had my laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy on Monday 10/3/16 after doing research and weighing the pros and cons. Surgery went great and I was out of the hospital the following day. I’m only doing Motrin for minor pain (I can’t take the hard stuff) but like most everyone has said the gas pains have by far been the most bothersome after effect. Having a heating pad definitely helps. I’m moving around well and trying my best to take it very easy. I get my stitches removed on Tuesday and am looking forward to enjoying 3 more weeks off of work and no more periods! I’m so glad I had the surgery!

  51. Darlene

    I went in for a general check up. I did have a lapo surgery done years ago for endometriosis removal and then abdominal surgery after that for the same reason. I am 52 and was able to have three wonderful children. I have over the years had issues that I have not brought to light to my doc – pain. Moments of bad periods, twinging and feeling pulling and weighted down below stomach.Like someone is grabbing the insides and squeezing. I know it is the endometriosis. Don’t know after all this time what has grown in there. They did find out during a badder infection I had 5 years ago I had 2 fibroids on the uterus. Not an issues that I have been told. I am also premenopausal. I also found out in the last 2 years that I have IBS. Those days are so bad with those episodes.

    Ok this is my stress:
    Went in 4 weeks ago for my check up and opened my mouth about the girly pain. They found a mass in the uterus from a sono. Took it out and did a DNC. That freaked me out. Came back an said not cancerous cell in it but could turn somewhere down the road. Said I have Endometrial Hyperplasia. This doc suggests a hysterectomy with this Endometrial Hyperplasia and all my additive problems. Sending me to another surgeon , oncologist . Since this can turn that want to be assured that everything would go well in removal.

    Ok now the real stress:
    I am soooo scared of the Lapo surgery. Had bad time with it the last time. Scared of the pain due to the IBS I have. If it will trigger it to go off like it did 3 days after the DNC – 4 hrs of 10 and above pain. I’m having bouts of depression. Crying a lot. Have this overwhelmed feeling of loosing a piece of me. I know it sounds crazy. Maybe dumb.Know I don’t need it anymore but it is a part of me. Mind on one side thinks one way then the other. Does this make sense. Scared to feel different. Can’t change it if I do the surgery. No going back. Scared of the personal connection with my husband. I know I have had and have a lot going on but….. Any words for me??????????

  52. Shalom

    Hello. I enjoyed your blog and found it very useful. I had a laprescopic hysterectomy 3 weeks ago (I still have an ovary). Although I’m a big girl, my stomach had an hourglass shape. Now it just looks like I’ve developed a muffin top. Did your surgery change your shape? They went in above my belly button, btw.

    1. kronda

      No I didn’t have any shape changes, just some extra holes. I’m fairly skinny though.

  53. Wendy

    Thank you so much for this post. I found it while looking for information on my upcoming surgery. I’m having a TLH tomorrow morning and I’ve been extremely anxious. Most of what I’ve seen online have been horror stories, and it’s refreshing to see a positive story for once. It’s really helped alleviate my anxiety. I really appreciate it!

  54. Pamela

    I’m scheduled for a total laparoscopic hysterectomy on 11/15/16.
    I’m frightened but anxious to be rid of pain and bleeding. Trusting that my body will heal nicely, but really concerned about what if any changes I will have in my sex life.
    Please share.

    1. Darlene


      I started my problem with a mass removal/bio in the uterus and DNC to follow. Came back and met with GYN. Sent me to another GYN – Oncologist due to a possibility of it turning into cancer. Well the first GYN said a complete hysterectomy would be best especially with other issues I have – endometrosis/IBS. Went to other doc. I have to wait another 3 weeks for a new path report to confirm what type of endomerial hyperplasia I have. Should of been listed with the first bio. So upset. Nothing confirmed what I have for now 5 weeks. The Oncologist GYN said my uterus is twice the size and it was painful for him to touch me during the exam. I am 52 and premenopausal to boot. A lot on this plate. Had a Lapo done years ago for the removal on endometriosis to have kids and was sick with the recovery. Took me 3 weeks to feel normal which they said it would be a week recovery. That was just removal – cauterize the tissue. No cutting away organs. Oncologist said it would be done with a robot this time and has changed in recovery. Doc can say that but each person is different and he is a guy!!!!. Nervous to do it again. Difference this time is removing everything, my insides. I am like u in the thinking. Scared with the pandora’s box that it will open. Have a very good sex life and heard from others the negative and positive. Still scared. I have not made a decision yet. Can’t quite cross that line. If it can turn to cancer, then it will have to go. But if not it may have to go with the pain and problem I have with the other issues. Just screwed I guess. Please let me know how u make out please. Glad u were able to make the decision. Fingers x for u.!!!!

    2. Julie

      Pamela,. I just read your post. Your surgery was yesterday. I hope all is well and your recovery story is one off the smooth ones.

      I’m just starting this conversation with my doc. & will know or should know more when my latest results are back.

      Sending you a warm hug!

  55. Melissa

    Thank you for this blog post!! I’m in my 30s, about to have the exact same surgery and I don’t know anyone else who’s had a lap hysterectomy – I know at least four people who’ve had incision hysterectomies, and they had vastly different (aka worse) recovery stories. Our situations are parallel and this is giving me hope, so thanks (Even that my wife will be taking care of me)! Such great advice about the stool softeners, honestly. I’m curious, how are you doing now a few years later? Do you have any problems with cramps and ovulation?

    1. kronda

      Hey Melissa,

      My main problem is having no indicator for my PMS. I just suddenly realize I’ve been crabby and eating everything for a few days and go ‘duh!’ LOL. Other than that, life is great. Best of luck with your surgery!

  56. Patty Pester-Spainhower

    Thank You so much for sharing your recovery story with all of us. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading it, as well as how nice it was to have someone have almost the same experience as my own. I had a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy 6 days ago (11/7/16) with 3 incisions (1 on each side and the belly button). Like yourself, I had my first “big excursion out” on day 5. Mine lasted 7 hrs, and I walked for 6 of the 7 hrs (went to the Christmas Family Gift Show). Needless to say, I slept better last night than I have in month’s! I too have been able to cut back on my pain meds since coming home, and Thank the Good Lord for the invention of Mira-Lax, Stool Softeners, and Gatorade. *If you ever make it to SLC, Utah ~ I would love to take you to lunch and I will totally buy you new headphones! Have a Wonderful Day and I look forward to reading your newsletters.
    With much love and thanks,

  57. Kim

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, which was so moving to read and helpful for me in dealing with fibroid surgery. I especially welcome the one year later update.

    I am 2 weeks post robot assisted partial hysterectomy. Kept ovaries and cervix and now have 5 new holes. I have had fibroid problems, and like you, heavy bleeding for years. But I hoped (at 53 yrs) menopause would prevent me needing another surgery and have me keep my parts. Laparoscopy to remove 3 fibroids 27 years ago. Abdominal myomectomy to remove 12 fibroids 20 years ago. Two c-section deliveries 16 and 11 years ago. Endometrial ablation 7 years ago, which initially seemed to work then the fibroids came back – slowly at first then on steroids in the last 2 years. My 15.9 cm uterus (50 fibroids) on my relatively small (4-6) body caused lots of discomfort and pain, so I finally decided on hysterectomy surgery.
    Thanks to a loving, supportive, and pampering-me-husband, recovery has been relatively easy. Surgery was ambulatory; procedure 2 hrs (fibroids just over 1400 grms and a cyst removed from one ovary). Took pain meds regularly 2 days but only needed occasional advil for pain by day 3. Gas pains were the worst, especially upper mid shoulder area. Took short walks every day. Added two short subway trips one week later. Constipation needs managing. Wished I had gotten right on that but all seemed fine the day after surgery so took no colace or miralax. Remedied that from day 4 though.
    Now I am back at work (2 wks off) and forcing myself to take it easy. I am walking much more slowly than my usual speed walker self, am still a bit tired each day and feel some midsection soreness and hip pains. I do occasionally feel warm flashes at night but it is too soon to tell how my ovaries are doing. Right now I am so relieved to be doing well. It is also nice to have my body back (could do without the shelf over my belly button but not complaining) and am looking forward to a better quality of life.

    Thank you again, so much, for sharing. You are helping so many.

  58. dayna

    Just had my TLH and it went very smoothly! I started taking ORAL arnica montana (homeopathic) one week prior, as well as Bromelain and some immune builders (Vit. C & WishGarden’s “Kick A$$ Immune Builder”). I believe this helped immensely–catheter came out 12 hours post surgery and I was eating/drinking and walking soon after. Lots of LIQUIDS also helped. I know some folks had constipation from the narcotics–I did the stool softener and with all of the water had a significant bowel movement the day after surgery. Oh–and take PROBIOTICS in advance, too… and use topical arnica for the incision sites. Seriously–I feel almost normal and it’s just day 3. Appreciate reading about everyone else’s experience here…my fibroids were so bad and now I wish I had done this years ago!

  59. Arlene

    Thanks for this blog post.. read it before my surgery as I was sooo nervous, not really knowing what to expect. Well I did it! I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 9 days ago, removed my uterus and Fallopian tubes due to an 8 cm fibroid and very heavy bleeding. Hospital released me only hours after the surgery! 3 incisions on bikini line and in belly button. I stopped taking pain meds after 48 hours and am feeling well besides some expected aching in abdomin. Went out with family for a few hours yesterday. I am feeling pretty good so really have to constantly remind myself that I just a pretty big surgery and must be mindful not to do the heavy housework . I am very graciously accepting all the support from my family. Only uncomfortable moments have been from occasional constipation and gas?. I am taking colace as advised by my doctor and a couple of days of milk of magnesia seem to be helping. All and all my recovery is progressing better than expected . Now just have to figure out when to go back to work with the help of my doctor. Appointment is at the end of this week.

  60. Jamie

    My surgery for fibroids is scheduled in a couple of months. I’m 55 years old. Keeping ovaries as well. How long do you think it will be after the surgery before I can walk my dog? May sound silly, but I want to get any help I’ll need arranged in advance!

    1. kronda

      Jamie I can’t answer that. Is your dog tiny or a giant Great Dane that pulls? I think reading all the recovery stories here, and know how strenuous walking your dog is, you can probably come up with a good guess and then pad that by a few days. Good luck!

    2. Renee Terry

      Hi Jamie! I just had surgery 1-18-17, 3 days ago, and am doing amazing! I have 2 small dogs under 20 pounds and asked my surgeon the same question. Her reply was this, while standing (post-op) when you can do the twist and heavily stomp your feet you can walk the dogs and drive again. I’m not there yet, think I might need a few more days. I did go for a walk today while someone else had control of my dogs leashes. Hope this helps and good luck on your surgery!

      And Kronda thank you SO much for your blog, really helped me in preparing myself mentally and physically for this surgery!

  61. malia shirley

    For women suffering from uterine fibroids, it is important for them to know that they are not alone. I have been living with fibroids since I was 26 years old. Over the years they’ve just continue to grow and cause other concerns. I had a MRI done and the doctor said they found 4 fibroids and possibly more if they were too small for detection. My abdomen looks as if I was 14weeks pregnant. I had a myomectomy removing 4 fibroids and other treatment but all prove abortive. My problem was that the fibroid continued to grow back at an unusually rapid rate and was usually back to its original size and after one failed cycle we’re back at square one. I was lucky to have access to Herbal Medicine, This medicine strunk all my fibroid without having to grow back. I now consider myself most fortunate. Contact Dr.Leonard, his medicine may work for you too (drleonard288@gmail.com).

    1. kronda

      Glad you found some relief. Probably not a great idea to get medical recommendations from strangers on the internet though.

  62. Michelle Peria


    Thanks so much for your blog. I was nervous before surgery and finding your blog really helped me. Just hearing about your positive experience was a huge relief for me. Reading through the comments here helped me feel more confident that I would be okay and helped me figure out what I might need to do to get ready, like buy some Gas-x 🙂 and make sure to have someone to help out for the first week at home. I wish this information was more readily accessible to women.

    I’m 48 years old, no children and I had a TLH (abdominal) on Dec. 14th. Today is Dec 25th and I’m feeling pretty good 10 days out. I took some pain medication for the first three-six days and then tapered off. Constipation was an issue at first. The stool softeners weren’t enough, but when I added a daily dose of Miralax, plus drinking lots of water, everything resolved. As long as I was taking pain meds I kept up with the stool softeners and miralax. I had an allergic reaction to the glue in the Tegaderm patches and then also to the steri strips. I also suffered bruising to my urethra during the cystoscopy and that’s caused some pain and burning during urination. I’m at day 10 and that pain and burning/soreness feeling is starting to diminish.

    What else? I had pretty extensive endometriosis and two large fibroids. The plan had been to leave both ovaries, but only one was saved. Now I’m having night sweats and wondering if this means I’m headed into early menopause? My hope is that my body is just going to take time to adjust and the hormones will balance out again.

  63. Robin

    I am 1 week post op, total hysterectomy and 7 weeks post op from major back surgery. My hysterectomy was scheduled for 2 hours, but due to size of tumor and uterus my surgical time was double and blood loss significant. However, other then being very tired, I’m feeling the best I have felt in a year! I wish I’d had the hysterectomy 10 years ago when I had the first growth and an ovary removed. Would have saved myself the cancer scare this time around. I’m lounging at the beach, getting my tan on and unless you know me personally, by looking at me you’d never know I had a horrific past year health wise. Good luck to those preparing for surgery and those having a most difficult time healing! Merry Christmas! I’m making 2017 my bitch! LOL praying for you all! God Bless


  64. In 1985 I had a laparoscopy due to endometriosis & fibroids & cramps. When I went into menopause at age 50 I didn’t want to take estrogen. I take black cohosh & evening primrose oil. A couple of years ago I had an MRI which discovered I had a polycystic ovary. Then I went to my ob/gyne who did a vaginal x-ray(?) & saw the cyst. I’ve always had a big stomach & no one discovered the cyst before. On Sept. 9, 2016, I had my gallbladder removed & a vaginal Da Vinci robotic hysterectomy to remove everything. I was 71 years old. The surgeries went well. I went home the next day. I had a lot of prepared food in the freezer so I didn’t have to cook, only reheat.I took a laxative & on the 2nd day I had a bowel movement. I only had spotting afterward.I hired a lawn service to mow my lawn.I had a lot of movement restrictions so I couldn’t bend. I hired a pet sitter to feed my 2 cats & a regular outside stray cat & clean the litter for the inside cats. I’ve only used 7 of the percocet/oxycodone I was prescribed, & then just took tylenols. I was doing so well I only needed someone with me at home for 2 days just as a precaution. They said I could drive after 3 days but I didn’t want to take a long drive for a couple of month. I had a friend do some light grocery shopping for me. The doctors said nothing had been cancerous. I had cysts on both ovaries. One of them was 11 cms. Things (intestines?) have moved inside me since these things were removed, which the doctors say is normal.

  65. Cynthia

    Had a robotic TLH 6 weeks ago. They used a TAP block and I had little pain after. I felt like I had done crunches. Most painful was the gas in my right shoulder, lingering constipation, and hard stools (from pain meds). However, having lingering lower back pain especially after driving so returning to work part time at first. Had lots of fibroids complete with appearance of a “baby bump” for years and had UFE three years ago. I thought I could wait it out and make it until natural menopause. Finally gave up and wonder if I should have done it sooner. Definitely had a great GYN and good experience.

  66. Aprile

    Hi there. I am having my laparoscopic hysterectomy done March 30th. I have talked to several people at work who have had the same procedure and they say they were out of work for FIVE WEEKS!! My plan was to have the surgery on Thursday and return to work the following Tuesday or Wednesday. I am a high school English teacher and can very well take it easy in my classroom by choosing to sit and teach rather than stand, and I have 120 helpers to lift any and everything.

    Am I being unrealistic in this going back to work within a week? Should I really expect to be completely off my feet and “weak” for up to six weeks? I need some honest feedback from those who have been through this already. I don’t want to take a chance of being out of the classroom for several weeks when my students graduation is on the line.


    1. Aprile

      Oh. mine is Robotic Laparoscopic as well.

    2. Angie

      Aprile…how did your surgery go? Were you able to return to work like you had anticipated. I too am a teacher and do not want to be off for weeks on end.

  67. Doris

    Does anyone think that it’s too early to get back playing tennis after 6 weeks of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

  68. Kristen

    Thank you for posting about your experience. I live in Vancouver, WA and my wife is a CNA. Thought it was funny the little “almost” similarities between us. I have “a rock garden of fibroids” as my doctor put it, and am in pain consistently with horrible periods that are debilitating. After two years of battling, and the pain, I am finally getting a lap hysterectomy. Reading your experience and the experience of others is helpful.

  69. Nancy

    I just found out I get to have a hysterectomy too. I’m assuming it will be done by the robot that did my hysterescopy & D&C today. That’s what my doc specializes in.

    I have a question for anyone who wants to answer:

    I’m 54 yrs old, no kids. Had colon cancer 10 yrs ago /w chemo, so went thru menopause then. My periods came back after chemo stopped. Started thru menopause about 4 years ago but got my period back for the 2nd time. (I don’t find it fair that I have to thru it a third time!!! Neither does my hubby ?)

    I’m not sure if I should get my ovaries out (if I have a choice) or not. I’ve read bad things about not having them taken out (breast and other cancers). I also don’t want to take ERT because of the bad side effects and risks from that.

    I’d just like to get some opinions from any of you who have gone thru partial and full Hysterecomies to help me think things thru. I appreciate any help ☺

    1. Betty

      Just had a full hysterectomy April 20, 17. I am 61 years old. Feel very good. Need my nap at 3-4:00 through. I get very tired if I over do it. I am not to lift anything over 5lbs.My granddaughter weights 17lbs. I am not in any pain, just a little tenderness. Never needed pain killers when I came home. Gas pain was the worst but went away after 3 days. I had uterine cancer and a tumor. It does bother me if I sit to long in one spot. I have a very supported family, (brothers, sisters,daughter and son) not so much my husband. My post-op apt is 5-10. I hope I did good.

  70. Delphine

    I have had a very frustrating night. I have had two procedure to shave down my fibroids, the latest one also placed an IUD and happened a month ago. A year ago, this whole shit show started with me in the emergency room getting a blood transfusion because my hemoglobin was dangerously low. Well tonight my IUD came out and I have started to clot heavily. I fear I am headed down the road of a hysterectomy. It is scary but I am so tired of this shit. I am emotionally and physically exhausted.
    I started researching on the internet, as I often do when something scary health wise happens, and low and behold I found this blog post. Thank you for writing this! It has helped tremendously to hear someone who has basically gone through the same hell I have and come out on the other side relatively unscaved and happy.
    Thank you!

  71. Lina

    Hello there! I just had a robot assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy 3wks ago. I would say for me week #1 was good, however, I am dealing with a lot of bloating all around my abdomen plus lower abdomen pain and pressure. Sharp stabbing like pain in the out side and inside of my vagina. During my post up appointment with my GYN this week, we discussed all these issues that I have encountered and she said it wasn’t normal.. I had some blood and urine work done plus a vaginal culture which came back showing a bit of yeast infection… today I had one dosis of Fluconazole.. hope this med clears up my current issue and this sharp lower pain and bloating goes away soon… other that that my incisions are all healed up and look smaller that the way the originally were.

    I can’t wait to feel better and go on a date with my hubby!

  72. Kati Kennedy

    I am scared-searching for info on hysterectomy, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience. I read the whole “2013 Fibroids” series, and am feeling much more calm now. I also really appreciate the year-later-update. So looking forward to reclaiming my life!!!

  73. Heather

    I just wanted to say thank you for your post. Especially the vitamin part! I go for my surgery in 3 weeks and want to make sure I am well prepared in trying to help my healing process along. I have a big vacation in June, the first vacation that won’t be ruined with a nasty period.

  74. Jean

    I had a robot assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy exactly one week ago. I left the same day (Friday) and definitely had pain that was controlled with oxy and ibuprofen. I was able to stop all meds after 48 hours.
    I was constipated but I did not follow my doctors directions to take a laxative prior to surgery. I am loathe to have the opposite problem so I wanted to see if I could control it with food only. While I was able to pass something every day, I felt it necessary for additional help so I took a dose on day 2 and day 3. Then I was sorry I took that second dose. By the end of day 4, everything was normal.

    I laid low over the weekend and Monday. By Tuesday, I had no pain and plenty of energy. I worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday and then went to the office Thursday and Friday. I was so pleased that I had a hysterectomy and only missed 2 days of work.

    I don’t feel that my abdominal muscles were cut at all because I can sit up pretty easily. Is that possible?

    My stomach does feel more inflated (bloating?) than usual. I’ve resisted carrying heavy items, but find that I can do almost everything to live independently. I have twice over did it and do feel it the next day. I think the biggest challenge for the weeks to come will be raining in the desire to do more.

    That is what I have felt is so helpful about this blog. I’ve heard such varying accounts of what I can expect to do when.

  75. Paula

    I’m a 54 year old female and I’ve been diagnosed with Dermoid cysts on left ovary.. my Dr has advised a partial hysterectomy to remove left ovary and fallopian tubes. He advised keeping uterus and right ovary. I’m a little concerned about menopause and those dreadful flashes!! This blog has given me great pointers for recovery and dos and donts!! Thanks a bunch. Any advice and tips are welcomed!!

  76. Jennifer

    I just had my Laparoscopic Hysterectomy removing Uterus, Fallopian Tubes and Cervix on 5/9/17. I’m day 4 post surgery and admit I’m feeling better but still sore. I quit taking my prescription pain meds today and now just taking Advil. The day after surgery in the hospital I was so sick, probably from the anesthesia. The gas pains were terrible, still are. I didn’t prepare with stool softener prior but did take a laxative Thursday and regretted it. I was in so much pain from the gas it created, swore I wasn’t doing that again. Warm water and honey works great for constipation. I am enjoying my husband taking care of me but I’m ready to start doing more…slowly. This blog was wonderful in preparing me for what to expect and learned a lot. Thank you!


  77. Hi Kronda. So glad I found this. I had my robot-assisted laparascopic total hysterectomy 4 days ago and still don’t feel back to normal. Just really tired and no appetite. But, the thing that really bothers me is a burning/pain in both my legs. They hurt so bad. My husband thinks it’s because I’m walking differently, but I’m not sure. They never hurt prior to surgery. I don’t think it’s clots, it doesn’t fit the description for clots. Any idea? Have you heard of this before? I have a follow up with my gyn in a little less than 2 weeks.

    1. kronda

      Hi Karoline. I fell behind approving comments. Did you legs ever get better?


  78. Kronda,

    I am preparing for a partial hysterectomy (not sure whether all of the plumbing will come out…I’m waiting on a genetic marker test to see if they are taking the ovaries, too) in July. I’m a fast healer, generally speaking, but this is my very first surgery, and I have no idea what to expect. I’m definitely going to follow your vitamin/supplement suggestions in this post, but is there anything you or your spouse would recommend for the month leading up to the surgery to help myself heal more efficiently?

  79. Lee

    So interesting how different we all are but have a common thread that ties us all together!!lots of great information,opinions, & support! Love it! I just had my doctor take it all! He said he never saw someone so excited for surgery! I was ready to be pain free after 32 years of suffering! I only took the narcotics the first day and ibuprofen for the next two days! Went shopping 2 days after surgery and drive 5 days after surgery! I feel pretty good! I just have to say the gas pain was the WORSE! I was warned, but never wanted to FART so bad in my life! Best day ever when i finally did! Lol! Going back to work after 2 weeks and can’t wait to live life!!! Good luck to you all and thanks for all your stories!

  80. Jill R.

    Hey Kronda!
    I happened upon your blog while googling recovery times for different types of hysterectomy procedures. Yes, I was Dr. Googling. I read your first post and was like omg she is speaking my language over here. I’ve dealt with bad period symptoms for as long as I can remember, but the last year in particular has been brutal. Non-stop bleeding, multiple attempts at different “solutions”. (I use that term loosely… Does it count if that “solution” is only good for about 5 months and then those damn flood gates open again?!) Anyhoo… My wife and I have been through the ringer and I’m approaching the subject of a hysterectomy. I loved that you shared such a positive outlook both before and after. It’s nice to read about somebody else’s experience and to learn what to expect should I end up having surgery. I know that each surgery, procedure, body, uterus, etc is different but it’s good to have a general idea of what to expect. Takes some of the fear out of it. i.e. I’m totally borrowing the heating blanket!



  81. Two weeks, two days since my total laprascopic hysterectomy. No pain, I’ve done well with my bowels (after that nasty week of air thing), but my question is how did you overcome the dreaded fatigue?
    Seeing my female PCP tomorrow to cry and beg her for help?

    Sorry I’m in the game so late, but I have to know how to overcome the “I don’t want to leave my couch” syndrome.

  82. Norma Minor

    I had mines on 7-12-2017 it’s been a week and I feel great and I’m off pain meds I’m so happy I had it done I kno one thing the more u get up and move around the better you feel this lil pain I’m feeling is nothing compared to what I was going though so happy I had it done I have 5 son so not having anymore kids was ok with me .I’m just happy I’m not in all the pain I was in for all then years .

  83. christina

    Like many others, I also found your blog when I was doing research before my laparoscopic hysterectomy. So glad you wrote it! After having several smaller surgeries for fibroids and ovarian cysts, my doctor and I decided it was time. For those who are confused, they cut up your uterus (and benign fibroids) into smaller pieces before they take it out of the smaller holes. Unfortunately for me, my endometriosis was so bad that all my organs are basically stuck together! The doctor said my bladder was fused to my uterus (I got to see the picture) and it was accidentally nicked during surgery when they tried to separate them. That meant I woke up with a catheter that I had to keep for a week! That kept me from doing anything!! I felt FANTASTIC after it was removed. Thought I was home free and ready for the gym but had blood in my urine the other day – hopefully it’s just the bladder stitches sloughing off. Someone is telling me I still need to chill! School starts in a few weeks and I need to be ready…


  84. Hi Kronda,

    Thank you for your post. It helped me make a few decisions that totally went out the window once my laparoscopic surgery began. Since yours went so well, it gave me ease of mind, and I made the decision to keep my ovaries. Sadly, my doctor learned that they were the actual problem, and everything had to go. But thanks again for this post, it was so very helpful.

  85. ACP

    Hello All Hysters: Great blog and this is my first time blogging. Thanks Kronda starting this a year ago. Glad I waited to read these as it’s so much info and I would have questioned more than I needed. Although very good info. Had Total done 9/1/17 with everything removed including ovaries-endometrial cancer-Davinci Procedure (laproscopic with removal through vagina). Did research about the ovaries and one researcher said he wishes he could tell every woman to have her ovaries removed after having her children due to ovarian cancer having no symptoms and very difficult to treat. My oncologist said decreased sex life, dryness or potentially ovarian cancer. Is there really a choice??? I have too much estrogen so will not be doing any replacement. Will wait and see how things go. If needed will go natural route. Home next day after surgery. Walking that next morning, but slow. Only did two shots of pain meds through IV on morning after surgery. No other pain meds and 2 doses of gas x. Definitely gas pains. Had BM before leaving hospital and daily since. Always have been regular. No hot flashes or mood swings. Pray I’m the exception. Am taking lovenox injection for 28 days to prevent blood clots. Not bad at all. Probably am doing a little too much and have decided to slow down as healing is inside out. Not much of an appetite but making sure I’m eating and drinking 95% water and other natural apple juice. Taking probiotic and will start back my green juice tomorrow-one week post surgery. Feel generally good as never have had any surgery ever and not knowing what to expect or how my body would react. So I do give all power and healing to God. I’m not back to my normal but getting there. Do feel edematous in the abdomen area, but think par for the course. I’m 53, so still young and anticipating the best is yet to come. God is good all the time!!! May you experience all life has to give and give all glory and these gyny issue to your ultimate source of power, peace, and healing. Whatever name you call Him. Peace and Blessings.

  86. Maria

    kondra,, you are so wonderful to start this blog. I read every single post prior to my surgery. I had mine end of July.. I am getting ready for a 10k race in November. I had laporascopic hestoractomy but still have my overies. Several fibroids and couple size of grapefruit. I had my surgery on Tursday and was back at work on Wedensday. I am an accountant so I sit all day.. I was worried about my tummy swelling but it got down after 5 weeks.. It is the best thing ever.. Not having a period is a huge plus. I still feel a bit of the period symptoms but all is great. I had my procedure as outpatient and I wanted to go home same day but my doctor convinced me to spend the night. It was good decision.. Nurses took great care of me and was ready to go home by noon the next day. I stayed positive and wished for the best outcome knowing all the risks associated with the surgery.. I am very happy with the result and I feel like a new person. I am 50, 5.5 tall, 140 pounds prior to surgery.. Lost 5 pounds in fibroids weight.☺️☺️☺️. Kondra, if you ever in Raleigh, nc. Email me.. I would love to take you to dinner..

  87. Aprile

    While my surgery (April 2017) went well, my bowels were attached to my uterus and left ovary from scar tissue that grew them together. My doctor was AMAZING and did everything in his ability to not allow the general surgeon to cut me open, and instead do everything laparoscopically.

    Unfortunately, 3 days after release from the hospital I got an ovarian cyst (I kept ovaries only-hormones). When I went back to the hospital they thought it was an abscess and re-admitted me. Within 5 days I had gone through 5 different types of antibiotics and was still not getting any better. The fevers felt like death and I was in a lot of pain – though none associated to the surgery.

    Finally, they put a PICC line in and gave me antibiotics that WORKED. I had to do an X-ray (forgot what its called), where they literally shoot a gallon of dyed water into your butt and take images. That was the most INHUMANE thing I have EVER experienced. The pain was the worse I ever felt, I literally screamed and cried and screamed some more throughout the entire procedure.

    Long story short, I ended up with a colonoscopy the next day and a diagnosis of diverticulitis and ovarian cyst. I went home with the PICC line still in for an additional 2 weeks.

    I am back to my “old self” and am happy that I no longer have to deal with periods, BUT I still get the extra 10lbs monthly and chocolate cravings. In all, if it wasn’t for the infection afterwards it would have been cake.

    Moral – Expect the unexpected!

  88. Tiffaney

    I have been having various issues since my tub ligation in 99 with my cycle, I have tried it all from Eblasions to dnc’s and even an IUD!! I have come to the point where my cramps are again unbearable as well as my crazy cycle….I am opting for a partial hysto and these comments and questions made me feel so much better about the process. Thanks ladies

  89. Virginia Rohr

    Hi Kronda: I have a laparoscopic hysterectomy coming up in a few weeks and just wanted to thank you for your candid and informative description of your experience. It was hard to find anything online that wasn’t strictly medical that gave this much honest detail, and I truly appreciated it. Thank you!

    1. kronda

      Hi Virginia,

      How was your surgery! I’m way behind keeping up with comments due to running my company, but I’m glad you found the site helpful. Hope you’re all healed up and doing well.

  90. adela

    I will have a Laparoscopic hysterectomy this coming monday, and I thank God for reaching this site which i find it very helpful. I’m scared of the procedure but have to do it. I wanted it soon after learning that I have polyps, cyst, adenomyosis, and the result of my pap test shows abnormal cells, that’s why my ob-gyne performed biopsy on my uterus 1st week of November and got the result one week after saying I have Endometrial Hyperplasia, which left untreated may lead to cancer, uggh I’m so scared. I’m scared of the surgery but more scared than having left it there inside of me. Right now, I’m feeling tired, pelvic and lower back pain, breast pain , headache, bleeding almost everyday with so much pain, insomia. My ob prescribed me a mini pill to make me feel better just until my surgery but after taking it 3 weeks after, it’s getting worse, means more headache, palpitations and insomia! I hope and pray that this will be over after my surgery. I’m just glad i have a husband so understanding with full support and 3 great children! And another thing, my ob said, they will do biopsy again the whole thing, i just hope and pray it’s not cancer.

    1. kronda

      Hi Adela!

      How was your surgery? I got behind on comments, but I hope you’re doing much better!

  91. Mylea

    I have enjoyed reading this thread Kronda – thanks so much for sharing your recovery in detail – I found it mirrored mine in many ways. After a “scare” of is it cancer or not – not thankfully but with a family history of uterine cancer – I had a TLH on 01/17/18. As the CEO of a growing company I was really worried about time off. And while this is major surgery (I had the three incision vaginal removal TLH procedure) I have found that at week one I started to feel much better. The abdominal swelling is down now at day 9 and I look almost normal again and the pain is what I can only liken to a “bad period day” of cramping – but at least not with the former heavy bleeding.

    I felt like I went into this really prepared. I have my surgery at the UCSF center of excellence for fibroids and women’s health and they are – without a doubt – the foremost experts in the US on this problem and this procedure. I felt so lucky to live walking distance from this amazing clinic and their team of experts – add in a sister OB/GYN and I felt like I knew everything to expect going into this and that really helped.

    One thing I will caution a lot of women I see here talking about their support network and plans – you will need help the entire first week hands down – you will be groggy and in pain and tired – you will not be able to care for children or animals solo – you need help. I am a woman CEO in silicon valley so I am used to being a go-getter and do it all on my own tri-athlete type – I needed my mom here and thank god she came for week one.

    In a strange twist of fate my husband was in a biking accident 2 days before my surgery and ended up in emergency surgery on the same day as me – and totally unable to care for me post-op. I cannot stress enough that you need help. If you have small children or animals to care for that help will need to extend to at least week two for things like bending and lifting anything over 3-4 pounds and say walking a dog that pulls a leash – your core will be sore and you will be unstable. Keep in mind I went into my procedure as a tri-athlete that runs 10 miles a week, swims 8000 meters a week and bikes 50 miles a week. I was uber fit and this was true for me. If I have one piece of wisdom to impart it is don’t be help rejecting if help is available to you from friends and family – ask for it – secure it – accept it. I realize many people are not lucky enough to have people to depend on or means to pay for help. In such cases talk to your doctor and see if there is a way to get the help you need through charity resources that support women or a local church or other means – you will need it.

    It was so great to see this blog and see so many women sharing stories about their procedures and health. We need to talk more about health and to create communities of support – I wonder would any of us consider letting our surgeons know that we would go help a woman – a stranger that has this procedure and needs help and has no support? I thought a lot about that – I cannot do it now running a growing company but post CEO I plan to actively be a helper in my community of women locally by being willing to go in and cook and care for children and animals and care for women that have no other support. There are many women that are alone going through this and I know how lucky I was to have my mom and sister and friends that kept my fridge full and to come out of anesthesia and see my mom there and know I was safe and loved. I also know I was lucky to be able to pay a dog walker and house keeper to help take care of my family during this time.

    Thank you to every woman that shared her story here – and to Kronda for keeping up this forum and for the year later update – that was great to read! All of you are inspirational.

    1. kronda

      Hi Mylea,

      I’ve been falling down on the job keeping up with comments here but I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Hope you’re back slaying things at your company and not too surrounded by dude bros. 🙂


  92. Absolutely awesome blog! I had my uterus, tubes and cervix removed through lap. surgery four days ago. Your blog has informed, reassured, and entertained me. I think your willingness and ability to include details that are often left out is what makes what you’ve written so helpful. That, and you do it with humor, which I just love. Thank you so much. I know you wrote this a while back, but wanted to let you know your writing is still reaching those of us looking for a light to guide us 🙂

    1. kronda

      Thanks Maggie! I’m glad it’s been helpful. Work has been a madhouse so sorry for my late approval and reply! Hope you’re all healed up and feeling better.

  93. LaToya

    I am so thankful to have come across this blog Kronda! I just left the doctor due to fibroids and heavy periods (very painful). Because of them, I too have lost a lot of iron, which has made me feel so tired and horrible lately. I have my ultrasound on Monday so that he can get a really good picture of where the fibroid is, and then we will schedule the laparoscopic procedure, leaving my ovaries. I had my tubes tied years ago, so I’m completely okay with this! However, the human in me (and my anxiety) is extremely nervous. The only surgery I’ve had are 2 C-sections with my kids. I don’t like pain, but if this will stop the pain I feel 7 whole days out of every month, I will take it! Please, if you have any words to help me off the ledge, I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you!


  94. So glad I found this. The constant bleeding etc. I am going for an ultrasound this week but my gyn is pretty sure I will need a hysterectomy. I have already had all of my kids…so would there be any reason to have an ablation or IUD. She gave me those options but I also have a history of pre cancerous cells that I have had removed in the past. I am thinking I should not mess with the ablations etc and just have the hysterectomy done. I think I saw that you wished you had not done the extra steps. Is that correct? I guess my MD is just trying to give me all the options?

  95. Lyn

    Thank you for your post! I am looking to go under in the next couple of months and have been starting to think about what I need for recovery. When I had a c-section, I used a belly band to kind of hold my guts together while I healed. I loaned it to my friend years ago, when she was having her child. Do you think that would be helpful to have?

    Incidentally, your post has given me a lot of comfort. I have been feeling a bit anxious about whether I made the right decision and you have put me at ease.

    1. kronda

      Glad I could help. I hope your surgery goes well. Not sure about the belly band, you’re the first person to mention it.


  96. I’m five days post op with my hysterectomy and found your blog, it’s been very helpful. Thank you!

  97. Jacqueline Morin

    I just had my surgery Oct 15, it has been just over a week since the surgery and my stomach is still tender inside. I had five holes and only 1 seems to be more sensitive then the rest. The doctor said more needles and such were passed through that one and there was more movement of the muscle in that area. I feel great but some parts of my abdomen are sensitive. My mind is saying great lets go and my body is saying hang on a second. LOL. I am only taking Tylenol and Advil now when needed. I have to say it went a lot better than I thought.

  98. Tracy Lucas


    Like many others here, I just want to thank you for starting this thread. I really felt much more calm and ready for surgery after reading most of these stories, which are really like case studies.

    Today is Saturday, so I’m 4 days post-op. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy plus laparoscopic repair of a urethral diverticulum. My recovery has been going really well. Every 6 hours I take 600 mg of Motrin. Twice a day I take Dulcolax and once per day Miralax. There just hasn’t been enough pain to need the hydrocodone my doctor prescribed. I’m really happy to have stayed off the narcotics, especially since I have an indwelling catheter until Monday.

    As great as it’s going, I have to agree with the need for help. I have a really hard time asking for help, but luckily I have some good friends who have figured this out about me. My husband has been taking care of our teenage boys, our dogs and of course, me this week. But if it weren’t for the meal train set up by my friends, I don’t know if we would have had any dinner at all. I didn’t factor in that my husband would be exhausted from being both parents. He took 4 days off from work to take care of me and thought he’d have time to knock out some small projects and to-do items. It really didn’t work out that way. But although he is busy and tired, he has done a great job taking care of us.

    My advice to anyone preparing for a hysterectomy, is to accept all the help that is offered to you. It’s not just about you after all. The person or people taking care of you need to be considered too. Plus, when you’re back on your feet, you will not want to face a backlog of laundry, cleaning or other chores. Remember to thank everyone who helps you out and keep in mind that they are making sacrifices to help you. We all need help sometimes.

    Now I’m looking forward to getting back to 100% so I can pay it forward. I’m already looking for the perfect meal plan for my next friend in need. You can bet I’ll be bringing meals to friends in the future.

    Thank you all for your contributions here. You helped me a lot.

    Wishing you all peace health and happiness,

  99. Cynthia


    I am scheduled for a laparoscopic hysterectomy in two days, this Thursday. They will be removing my ovaries as well. Starting to get a bit nervous about the recovery as I will be returning to work on Monday. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with everyone. This has helped put me at ease a little in anticipation of my recovery.

  100. Lisa

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. I’m probably going to be doing this in a couple of months and feeling nervous about what to expect. Reading about yours helped. Questions I’m asking the doctor, if you have any input…

    I’m wondering about the experience in relation to recovery and your stomach. Does it hurt more when your stomach is going? My tummy is very sensitive, and I’ve always had issues with my period and my stomach. Wondering if that’s going to be hell.

    They fill you with gas to see what they’re doing and you have gas pains, but you just fart a lot afterward?

    You bleed for the few weeks after I read. A lot? Like a period, or like spotting as you recover from the surgery?

    Should my husband take off a few days? He works sort of part time. I wasn’t planning on asking him to take off to take care of me. Do I need someone to stay with me the first few days after?

  101. Lana

    I hope this blog is still running. First of all, thank you Kronda for starting the blog and sharing your experience with everyone. I have read pretty much all of the posts to get an idea how other women doing during their weeks of recovery as I also had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 7 days ago that left me with a left ovary at my 45. Generally, I am fine, out of painkillers on a day 4. I believe I have a problem with my blood circulation having my legs constantly cold and in mild pain, particularly my feet. I do walk everyday and do some house chores, but without heavy weight lifting, etc. Perhaps someone had a similar issue and can share their insights. Thanks for that:)

    Also, I would appreciate if women can share their post-hysterectomy life experience, let’s say 6mths to 5 years period after surgery, in terms of sex life, menopause, general health, cardiovascular issues, etc. Thank you all! Stay healthy!

  102. Melanie

    Whats going on Kronda, I am 42 years old and will be having the same procedure on 11-11-2019. My wife will also be taking a week off to nurse me back to health. She is a great cook and im more worried about gaining wait than the pain to be honest. BUT at the top of my list is my sex life. We’ve been married 19yrs and it has always been very, very good. Has the surgery changed yours at all? Is this something I should worry about?

  103. ARod

    I accidentally over did it 3 weeks after my laparoscpic hysterectomy and vaccumed a bit… Should I be concerned? What if anything, should I do? No pain so far. Mild discomfort and some swelling (but it could be gas)…

    1. kronda

      This is a question for your doctor.

  104. Sanjana Jeetun

    Hi Kronda, I am Sanjana from Mauritius a beautiful tiny Island. I had laproscopic hystorectomy 2 weeks ago. Everything is going fine. I read your blog today and came to know that you had surgery in 2013, already 7 years. Can you pl share how r u feeling now. I am anxious to know how the body mechanism changes. Like any bodyache, hair growth, breast pain, urine problems, bone tenderness, weight gain, hot flashes , heart problems etc(these things i heard from non surgery people). Pl reply. My facebook is Sanjana Jeetun. Thanks.

    1. kronda

      Hey Sanjana, I’m doing great. No issues related to surgery. Good luck in your recovery!


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