Out, Out Damned Uterus

Despite our best efforts at something less drastic, these fibroids are still trying to bleed me to death. So the eviction notice has been served.

Surgery is at today 7:30am at Good Samaritan. I’ve given Jess access to my twitter account so she can post updates there. I’ll stay overnight and come home sometime on Wednesday.

Lots of people have offered to help and if that’s you, Jess goes back to work on Sunday the 8th and we’re looking for someone who could come by in the evening for a couple of hours, bring dinner, feed the cats and make sure I haven’t fallen down the stairs.

Comment or contact me directly if you’re available.

Looking forward to a healthier, less bloody, 2014.


This post is part of the thread: 2013 Battle With Fibroids – an ongoing story on this site. View the thread timeline for more context on this post.


  1. Aherisan

    Kronda my thoughts are with you! Here’s to a healthier body in 2014!

  2. lkeke

    I had the exact same problem last year. Had mine removed in November. Best wishes to you and a happier body in 2014.


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