1. Caroline

    My Sunshine Jess sometimes comes out in the form of “Manic Caroline,” and I lose pounds of crap each time it happens. The stuff gets hauled to one of those Goodwill drop-offs, and I take great pleasure in using my shredder as well. What I’m wondering is, how do you mean Powell’s ripped you off? All I can think about is the time a woman brought books to them only to find out she had an extremely rare and valuable book they paid her beaucoup cash for. Otherwise, I think they depreciate just like anything else and Powell’s needs a profit margin. I feel better giving my books as gifts anyway: if they were good enough to buy and I enjoyed reading them, I feel like they usually make meaningful gifts or gestures. But I’m still curious what happened at Powell’s! 😀

  2. kronda


    Textbooks. I took my last batch in from school and I couldn’t help but cringe when I think what I paid for some of them. My fault for being the kind of AR student who always buys the text book. I don’t have that feeling when I take my regular well enjoyed books-I-chose-to-buy back to Powells.


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