Help Me Raise Money for American Lung Association for my 40th Birthday

At the Reach the Beach finish line in 2006
At the Reach the Beach finish line in 2006

I’m turning 40 in 16 days. If I were turning 40 in 1 year and 16 days, I’d probably have a proper celebration with lots of pomp and circumstance and the chance for all my friends to bring black mylar balloons and give me morbid cards. Or a properly sober and mature marking of the occasion…at a paint ball facility.

But since I’m too busy with work and school right now (I’ll only be saying that for a few more months, yay!). I may have a do-over 40 celebration in the fall.

In the meantime, Jess and I were invited to be on a team for Reach the Beach the day after my birthday and we said yes. We loving riding bikes together and it seemed like a great way to spend the day together doing something fun. AND, it’s a fundraiser for the American Lung Association. We’re both HUGE fans of breathing. You probably are too.

In my school/work/trapped-under-cats cycle of busy, I somehow missed the fact that our fundraising donations are due THIS FRIDAY.


But you know what? That’s cool. I’m not worried about it. I don’t ask for things very often and you guys NEVER let me down. (Exhibit A).

Since I’m turning 40, I think $400 seems like a fitting goal. But since I’m in charge of fundraising for our team (that’s team K and J), do me a favor and split that between my page and Jess’s page OK? (You don’t think I have too  many friends now do you honey? 🙂

THANK YOU in advance, on behalf of all the people who are helped daily, monthly, yearly by the American Lung Association.

To sum up:


UPDATE: My page has reached goal already (I love you guys!) so head on over to Jess’s page if you would:


$400 by Friday. ($200 per page).

Have I mentioned how much you rock? You do. Thank you. Keep breathing.

Jess & Kronda Reach the Beach 2006 finish line
Jess & Kronda Reach the Beach 2006 finish line



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