ZSH Shell Autocorrect driving you crazy?

I switched my Unix shell to zsh a few months ago and overall I love it. But sometimes the autocorrect can be a little *too* helpful.

After the latest upgrade I started getting this every time I typed ‘git status’:

zsh: correct 'status' to 'stats' [nyae]?

Um no. No thanks I said. Not today. WILL YOU QUIT ASKING ME THAT!?!?

So I finally Bing’d* it and got the suggestion to turn off auto correct. That seemed a little drastic. Here’s a less blunt solution: Open .oh-my-zsh/lib/correction.zsh and add this line to it:

alias git status='nocorrect git status'

You may now commune with git in peace.

You’re welcome.

*Nah, I used Google. 🙂 Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

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