A Tired Ramble Ending in Sonnets

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A little while ago I was eating a salad for dinner and I suddenly felt all the energy just leave my body. And me, still with no blog post for today. This challenge is getting real. A week ago I was worried no one would ever hire me, and this week I’m overwhelmed with the number of commitments staring down at me. But in a good way.

So I dug deep into the archives and decided to share the sonnets I wrote for a creative writing class I took at the Art Institute of Portland.

Though I have rarely been paid for writing, I have always embraced ‘writer’ as part of my core identity. It helps keep me sane. The creative writing class I took was one of my favorites during my school career and the teacher was great.

Still, I’m pretty sure these are the first, and the last, sonnets I will ever write. Enjoy.

Sonnet Lament

These sonnet rules do cause the mind to rage
Time ticks away, the deadline doth approach
Though inspiration shines upon the page
The lines resist all efforts to be coached
into neat rhythms tied up with a bow
encased in fourteen lines measured in fives
There must be well kept tricks that I don’t know
which give eternity to poet’s lives
That Shakespeare makes a student’s life pure hell
Examples lofty in their faultless prime
Just three more lines before the sounding bell
At least I’ll fin’lly turn one in on time!
In time and hist’rys dimming light shall fade
This poem and (a hopef’lly) passing grade

For Jess

My restless youth was full of lonely years.
Love’s sweet caress was ever far from shore.
Watched friends aglow but hid my bitter tears,
that fell atop a barren desert floor.
Through modern web I cast my spid’ry eye,
you lured through the promise of like minds.
At rink’s edge did I see you standing by, 2
and rolled into your arms through fate’s designs.
Like parted souls rejoined we made our vow,
through sickness, health, in happy and in sad,
Long wait forgotten in the here and now,
your presence wipes away all but the glad.
Though in the law, we be not legal wives,
Your best friend I remain, for all our lives.


  1. Yes, I’m talking about Livejournal. (Back)
  2. Yes, we met online and then at roller skating rink. (Back)

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