1. Righteous, Kronda. Glad that method works for you. I have the opposite approach, and expose myself to everything and just don’t mind it. (I find the constant hand washing to be really hard on my skin, because I have eczema, and alcohol-based antibacterials have been shown to carry dangerous chemicals and are now banned in a number of states.) And yet I still don’t get sick that often! So maybe it’s unrelated. But I also try to keep up on my vitamins and take the appropriate steps when I begin feeling under the weather.

    I’d rather have the immune system of a horse and be able to fight everything than be a delicate flower. 😉

    1. kronda

      I used to be like that, mostly because I never thought much about it until I married a nurse! I think my immune system is pretty good. My wife is not exactly a delicate flower but being a cancer survivor compromised her immune system so the less I can expose her to, the better. And of course, being sick sucks, so it works out well for both of us, and makes a great conversation starter at networking events. 🙂


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