Big Changes

Hey there! You might have noticed that things are a bit different around here. I’m changing up a lot of things in 2013 and around here that means taking the site down to the studs and refocusing on my core mission to get back to writing regularly.

I’ve installed the Frank WordPress theme by P.J. Onori because it’s gorgeously simple and focused on the words. I’ll definitely tweak things as I go along, but since my biggest pet peeve about the web involves lack of readability (that’s a rant for a separate post), I wanted something that looks good anywhere you want to read it.

My previous design was done somewhat under duress and involved fulfilling a lot of requirements in order to graduate. Then of course, I got a job and this place has been all but abandoned since then.

I parted ways with Metal Toad last November and after spending some time remodeling our house, I’m now diving into starting my own freelance business.

This space will become my personal blog and I’ll launch a new business website with an updated portfolio soon. I’m actively seeking WordPress and/or Drupal projects. I’ve been away from WordPress for the past couple of years and I’m looking forward to getting back into it on a regular basis and connecting with the awesome WordPress community I know we have in Portland. I did manage to attend the last Portland Wordcamp, and I even got a fancy WP iPhone case from the man himself.

I still love Drupal too and I’m looking forward to Drupalcon Portland. I guess you could say I’m bi-technical.

So update your RSS readers, subscribe to posts or just check back soon. I have lots to say, and it’s past time to start using my voice again.

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