1. As hard as it can be to see a challenging relationship when you’re in it, it can be difficult to see progress and change as well. I enjoy seeing you 1000% less stressed and appreciate you taking the time to break it down not only for yourself, but as an opportunity for others (ok, me) to reflect on our (my) recent decisions and paths.

    Can’t remember if I shared it with you or not, but in response to online learning resources and unicorns I can’t help but share http://codeforunicorns.com

    I’d love to hear more about your experience working with both Drupal and WordPress. While I don’t mean to ask in hopes of continuing a flame war between the two, I am curious if you’ve shifted focus due to one being better able to suit particular client business needs, technical costs (such as maintainability), client’s ability to manage their own content … I’m sure the list could go on.

    And I’d love some WP tips! Maybe a swap session if we can find the time?

  2. kronda

    Ha! Code for Unicorns is so appropriate in so many ways. Thanks for sharing that.

    My old boss used to say that WordPress is a nice mid-level sedan and Drupal is a box of car parts.

    I’m not interested in a Drupal vs WordPress war either. They both have their place. Drupal is great at enterprise level projects like this one, where there are tons of moving parts and complexity and you need to be able to stitch it all together in a very custom way. But custom usually means expensive. Drupal is a great tool for developers and the people who can afford to pay us.

    WordPress on the other hand, has always been made with the user in mind. And I would argue that’s moved up in sophistication from a mid-level sedan to–something nice. Car metaphors aren’t really my thing. 🙂 Honestly at this point, there’s probably nothing you might want to do that you couldn’t do with either framework. But for the kind of clients I look for as a freelancer, who tend to be smaller, independent businesses, I wouldn’t do them the disservice of forcing the complexity and expense of Drupal on them. WordPress is a joy to use out of the box. Drupal needs to be crafted into a decent user experience and it’s usually the first thing to be kicked out of the budget.

    As for WP tips, I yearn for more time to dink around in the codex myself and experiment with different theming frameworks. So far I like Foundation. I have a little project idea that I hope to have time to work in before summer ends. I’ll let you know when our next Friday co-work session is, maybe you’d like to come hang out there.

    Are you coming to Wordcamp? I’m definitely giving out WP tips there. 🙂


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