Bachelorette Day

I didn’t really plan to take the whole day off, but not that I think of it, I can’t actually remember the last time I spent a whole day doing whatever I wanted.

The plan was to go to an early movie, come home and get into some coding. It’s just a hop skip, and a jump to the multiplex in downtown Vancouver so I looked for shows there and asked the Internet for movie suggestions.

Then I remembered the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. I was appalled to see that it has been open since MARCH! All the time I’ve wasted, when I could have been having my favorite catfish from Gumbo Goddess and my favorite mini donuts–the kind made hot and fresh and dipped in cinnamon or sugar before your eyes that I could previously only get at Pike Place market in Seattle.

The Gumbo Goddess was glad to see me and heaped my plate with more food than I could possibly eat and it was delicious. I had decided based on one enthusiastic and one luke warm vote to go see Thor.  My sister was very excited about Bridesmaids but hadn’t actually seen it, and in any case, I was in the mood for something fantastical.

I was technically a bit late to the movie but got there just as the last previews were ending and didn’t miss any of the movie.

I liked it. I didn’t clap in the middle like my classmate Jake, but behind the extremely fantastical special effects was a good story with well written characters I could root for, a hot girl, a male lead so tasty and ripped even I could appreciate him, and some cool fight scenes. And now I finally understand the easter egg at the end of Iron Man 2. I stayed through the credits for an easter egg teaser of the sequel.

At the end of the movie, I noticed that the bathroom connects to both sides of the theatre, so I went across to see what was playing on the other side and saw that Source Code started in 10 minutes. I made a snap decision and walked in for a good old fashioned double feature. This is something I used to do as a teenager, when I thought $5 was too expensive for a matinee. Oh, I didn’t know how good I had it…

I didn’t expect Source Code to be all that great, and it wasn’t, but it wasn’t painful to sit through either and besides, it was free. We’ll just call it my version of a midlife crisis, since Jess won’t let me buy any more bikes.

Speaking of Jess, she was working today, so I felt like it was a great day to do all the things I love that would be painful for her to sit through. She hates sci-fi and fantasy except Star Wars and Harry Potter (no, I don’t know why they made the cut). She hates seafood and she hates it when I eat seafood, but hey, marriage is compromise.

When I got home, I caught up on Celebrity Apprentice while I made another fabulous recipe from Super Natural Every Day, our new cookbook by Heidi Swanson (AKA @101cookbooks).

Tomorrow, I will be studious and virtuous and productive, but it was really nice to have a real day off.


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