1. Kronda:

    You fight battles I never have to fight, and do work I never have to do. I’m amazed you keep as cool as you do frankly.

    I recall that I first met you at the Bike Hugger WebVisions Mobile Social 2010, which was pretty nearly all white men except for Natalie Ramsland IIRC. Your voice on racism, sexism, homophobia and other social issues in the last four+ years has been the one that’s prompted me to examine my own privilege, and social justice/inclusiveness/equality issues (& my complicity therein) in my own life.

    If you hadn’t attended that Mobile Social I wouldn’t have met you, and my life would be poorer for it.

  2. Dennis Gutierrez

    An insightful read. Sorry this cost so much but I think it is well worth the effort you put in. Thank you for sharing.


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