This Is What Outstanding Customer Service Looks Like

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This weekend my friend Dee Dee called me to share an awesome story about the service her son received from his local Bike Gallery shop and asked if I knew a good way to spread the word. So I offered to post it here[1], as I think we all could use a little good news.

Here is the tale from Jade, in his own words:

Co-Motion Nor'wester bicycleI wanted to share with everyone who loves bicycles a positive experience I had with Beaverton Bike Gallery. In December 2013, I became the proud owner of a Co-Motion Nor’wester road bike after a long time of saving and lusting for it.

There is something perfect about a bike that is handmade in Eugene, Oregon, where each tube was handled by a skilled craftsman and artist. Things were going very well for me and my green Nor’wester, until I came to a stop at an intersection a few days ago. As soon as I began pedaling again, I heard a very loud SNAP and I was no longer able to pedal. I coasted to the other side of the street, where I discovered the inner chain ring of my Ultegra 6800 had completely snapped off, and in doing so dragged the inner chain ring into the frame, causing significant paint damage and a good sized dent.

I brought the bike immediately to Beaverton Bike Gallery to have it looked over by a mechanic. He told me that the manager, Simon, would be in contact with me the next day. I received a call in the morning hours the next day from Simon. He said Shimano will ship a new crankset to the shop, but unfortunately they will not cover the cost of repair or replacement of my frame. I mentioned Co-Motion’s lifetime warranty, but Simon said that Co-Motion will not warranty “acts of God”.

When I heard that my heart sank. But something surprising happened: Simon explained how awful he felt about this situation, and that he would talk with the owner of the Bike Gallery and see if there was something the shop could do for me. Three hours later I receive another call from Simon. He said the owner of the Bike Gallery OK’d the shipping of my bike to Co-Motion for repair and repainting, at no cost to me!

I never expected this and feel extremely grateful for Bike Gallery’s generosity. Their service in this ordeal has been fantastic, and I will definitely be looking to them for my next bike purchase.

  1. My first guest post! Cool!


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