1. Thanks for this post, and specifically for not saying that this thought process is a result of religion specifically (most people feel that way).

    At the very core of my belief in God is the concept of agency, in that God will always allow you to act for yourself. It’s in those choices that you’re judged, so why would it be fair to have God interfere in your choices?

    On the topic of agency, a friend once said “God gave you your agency and a brain”, which really hit me. God has given you all the tools you need to make your own decisions, and the places that God may present an opportunity for that “deliverance” you’ve prayed so much for require you to use your brain to see it as such.

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for sharing!!! I remember this all too well. I miss your mom, but I’m so thankful that you are not (quite) as stubborn as she was. Keep getting your colonoscopies. 🙂

  3. Julie

    Thanks for sharing. I had a really interesting experience going with a friend to provide hypnotherapy so he could skip the anesthesia. He actually found watching the video interesting enough to do nothing but some preliminarily relaxation. (I also did the hypnosis for his prostate biopsy, he needed me their for that.) I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to my first in a few years, but no less so than my next dental cleaning. I plan to do self-hypnosis, although when I get into my mid-60s when family history suggests I’m likely to need polyp removal, I may change my mind.

    Thanks for sharing this, I know it must be painful but it’s important.


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