How I Hacked My Sleep and Turned Into a Morning Person

I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions, but the end of the year does tend to invite both reflection and planning. Being newly self-employed, I knew how important it would be to establish a routine. I also recently discovered the concept of the 30 day challenge. I like it because it’s less daunting than a year, but it’s longer than the 21 days it supposedly takes to create a habit.

Me and Jess taking a break while riding the Couer D'alene trail in Idaho

A long distance friend saw something I posted referring to Jess as my wife or maybe I said something about being married. She messaged me, asking if we’d had a […]

Today was all about therapy. First a little bicycle therapy– a hard ride for one hour around north Portland. Then a quick shower and a much slower ride to massage […]

Book shelf, formerly a dumping ground, now beautified and organized.

While most folks were having or hosting parties or picnicking at a water front somewhere waiting for pyrotechnics to light up the sky, Jess and I celebrated Independence Day by […]