The Kindness of Strangers

I even, despite my genetic disadvantage1, addressed and stamped said thank you note. I stuck it in my back pocket, intending to drop it in the mailbox near home on my way out.

I then proceeded to completely forget about it, and ride all over the neighborhood. I was leaving New Seasons when I realized it was missing.

Well, maybe someone will mail it, I thought. But they did me one better. When I got home, it was sitting on my mailbox. So now I don’t have to wonder if it ever got sent (assuming I can make get it safely to the mailbox on the next try).

Thanks for being so Portland, Portland.

1. My mom was notorious for intending to mail things and never doing it. Christmas cards sent eight months later? Completely typical. I sent more than a few posthumous cards after cleaning out her house. Man that must have been freaky for the recipients… 

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