The Frantic Escape

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We love to take trips but the actual escape is always so stressful. Like the movie Groundhog Day, the sequence is always the same: Jess usually works a 12 hour shift and comes home exhausted, then has to summon the energy to do all the pre-departure wrapping up things and pack.

I will usually have spent the day in a flurry of chores and errands as well as trying to catch up on life tasks like dealing with an overwhelming stack of paper mail.

If we’re camping, there’s usually food to be cooked ahead of time-we like to eat well in the woods-but that adds several hours to an already bulging to-do list.

Did we write down everything for the cat sitter?

Is the fridge empty of anything that might end up a science experiment by the time we return?

If we’re doing very well, we might start packing before midnight. The whole thing is a war of diminishing returns as fatigue battles the need to cross off one more thing, but exhaustion almost guarantees we’ll forget something important. This is where lists can make or break us.

If we avoid little bursts of temper during this period, I add it to my tally of miracles. At least once I will wonder if we should have just stayed home. At least once I will wish Jess would JUST. DECIDE. ALREADY. Probably at least once she wishes I wasn’t so cavalier in my choices.

Somehow at the end of it all, we end up with luggage, car, and / or bikes, bursting with much more than we need, and broken pipe dreams of an early morning departure.

At some point though, we do escape. The worries of our daily lives receed the further we ride, drive or fly away from it.

And there’s always a view, a trail, a new friend, an amazing meal, that reminds me, yes- it is worth it.


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  1. certainly looks worth it. congrats on getting out of town!


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