1. grace silvia

    hi, kronda. it’s been a long time but just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this thoughtful post. i’ll be passing it on.
    p.s. i introduced my gf to xena and we’ve been rewatching those old tapes. xena (and your pass-it-on generosity) lives!

    1. kronda

      Hi Grace! It has been a long time. Thanks for stopping by. What part of the world are you in these days?

      1. grace silvia

        Sorry took so long to respond–I didn’t know you wrote Back and just happened by your post again.

        I’m just about to be back in PDX after 2 months in Anchorage!

        And you? If you’re in town too, want to visit/hike/eat/have tea or whatever?

        Email me, ok? I had to fill out my email here….


  2. Just wanted to put a little more reading material out there: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Joy Leary educates about the internalized racism, the roots of privilge and ways in which we can mitigate ignorance of the micro-aggressions perpetrated daily by those who “don’t mean it”. Loved your commentary and the introduction to Wheaton’s Law. Interesting. My goal is to elevate marginalized communities to their own ability to take back rights related to health disparities. Feel free to comment at Right To Health’s facebook page on ways that racism and particularly those micro-aggressions harm both perpetrators and victims alike and stay tuned for more strategies to combat them. Peace

  3. Jeeyoung Park

    Hi Kronda,

    Thank you for doing the work that you do. I look forward to discovering more posts.




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