1. Kronda, I briefly went through this article but I can tell you that I will be spending a considerable amount of time on your site in the future.

    I found you through your YouTube video “Building a Life with WordPress”. I listened intently to your presentation and really connected with your content.

    It’s surprising to me that there are no comments on this video as the material is deeply informative and relevant for people who are just starting out, or like me, have been in pursuit of building a life with wordpress for a while.

    In the future I may be asking for your help and insight.

    Thanks for caring enough to produce high quality content for the wordpress community. People like myself benefit from your knowledge and experience.

    Jon Coppock

    1. kronda

      Hey Jon,

      Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment. I see you’re a fellow AIP grad and that you had my old teacher Tom Wheeler guest post for you! Small world.

      I’m still figuring out this whole business thing, but I do try to share as I go. You might like to head over to my business blog, I have lots of good stuff there too, like How I Learned to Run a Successful Web Business.




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