1. Kronda

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to revive my blogging muscles after a long lay off. I hope to keep it up even after the school term starts up again.

  2. Linda

    Hi there, great blog and excellent writing. Just happened upon your blog looking for something else completely. I volunteered to work this ride and have some inside perspective. In trying to donate as large an amount as possible to the beneficiaries of his ride, they hired as few paid staff as possible and everyone got overloaded with jobs. I can tell you that I know for sure that they learned their lessons and are very sorry. Echelon is hiring many new staff and specifically to manage on course and after the ride food and beverages. If you give us a chance in 2011, I believe you will see that their first year was a learning experience and year two will be soooo much better on many levels! If you loved the route and you want to give to the charity you might give 2011 a shot. The new food and expo people are very experienced. Thanks for your great report. Huge apologies for not spoiling you like you should have been. Thanks for participating either way. (o:
    To see a lot of the great changes happening at Echelon Gran Fondo …. log in here…
    I hope you win one of the FREE Wilier bikes they are giving away just for tracking their 2011 events. You deserve it!!


  3. Kronda

    Linda, thanks for your comment. Hunter was very communicative with me after the event and very open to feedback which was nice. Good to know they’re working on things for next year. I’m finishing school so I don’t know that I’ll be doing many events this year, but I’ll keep it in mind.

    I’m sure I’ll have lots of teammates on the ride and I look forward to hearing their reports.


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