Diversity 101

This page serves as a follow up to a talk I give called Expanding Your Empathy. Below are my slides and some further reading on the topic of social justice in and out of the tech space.

If you have been an audience member for this talk, I’d love to know if you learned anything new. Please leave (constructive) feedback in the comments!

Awesome people to follow on Twitter

A while back, I issued a special Twitter Follow Friday challenge, to encourage people to experience the world through the eyes of people who are different from you. I made a special twitter list for the occassion and have since added many amazing people to it.

Follow the social justice twitter list.

Enlightening Articles

Good books

Ashe Dryden has curated an amazing list of books. Go check out the 101 Level Reader: Books to Help You Better Understand Your Biases and the Lived Experiences of People

I have not had much time to read books since I went to school and started a business, but I particularly love How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston. (If you don’t buy it, you’re racist). <G>

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