Summer is so over.

If the BTA Bike Commute Challenge did it’s job, then there are a lot of new bike commuters out there and a few of them might even be crazy enough to keep riding through the winter.

Since I’ve been doing the majority of my regular commuting by bike for over 20 years* I thought I’d put up a quick list of my tools for staying warm and dry.

Today was all about therapy. First a little bicycle therapy– a hard ride for one hour around north Portland. Then a quick shower and a much slower ride to massage […]

Off the Beaten Path

I’ve been making an effort to vary my route lately and it’s great to feel like I’m discovering my neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods all over again by riding even one […]

A few minutes ago I rode up to the bike crossing at the Rose Quarter heading north. A man was standing quite close to the bike signal space so that […]

Jess and I just got called ‘bitch’ about 20 times in 30 seconds at the corner of Williams & Russell, by a really angry driver, for no reason. We had […]