A gift from Mike McCue (new iPad)

I live a pretty charmed life. Happy childhood, awesome mom, decent jobs, great town and now of course, amazing girlfriend.

But last week’s events pushed ‘charmed’ into the realm of fairy tale in it’s abundance of random goodness that flowed through the day.

Things started out pretty normal. Went to a doctor’s appointment, hauled my little bike to the shop for a tune up on the big bike.

On the way home, I had a sweet tooth and went by the food cart pod on Mississippi to see if the Sugar Cube booth was open. It wasn’t. Sad panda! But I saw Jimmy with his table full of roasted nuts. I’d bought Jimmy’s nuts (try reading that without an inappropriate mental image, k? Thanks) once before and not only were they delicious, but I Jimmy was a true character. He was old(er), bearded, and gray and crazy nice.